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Portland's Only Mobile Dexa Scan Service

With our quick, ten minute scan the Dexa Scan can be the most effective way to find out more about your bodies makeup. Bone density, mass, muscle density and body fat percentages are a few of the key points this cutting edge technology will provide accurately. Utilizing light x-ray technology the data our scans produce is the most reliable anywhere. We also offer a mobile service that will come out to your location for your convenience.

Pacific Neuro Therapy is amazing! If you are injured and looking to recover quickly to get back to your active lifestyle, do yourself a favor and get started on your treatment plan with PNT.

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The PNT Difference over Traditional Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Rehab

Understanding Sports Injuries
Sports injuries can happen in any part of the body. It’s part of every sport. However, we still need to take these injuries seriously because they can cause major problems in any athlete’s overall health and continued performance, even years after competing.There are two ways an athlete can attain a sports injury. One is an overuse injury which is the result of continuous and repetitive activity over time. Common overuse injuries are tennis elbow, runner’s knee and tendonitis. The second type is an acute, traumatic injury. These are caused by impact to a part of the body. Strains, sprains, and tears of ligaments, tendons and muscles are prime examples. These injuries usually happen in contact sports like football, rugby and basketball but can occur in any sport and to any degree of severity.Whether the injury is mild or severe, it can still serve as a major setback in an athlete’s career and in his/her overall performance. There are several ways sports injuries can be dealt with which include traditional physical therapy and other sports injury rehab. There are also simple, widely known at-home remedies such as rest, ice, compression and elevation.No matter the method, doing something about it is better than nothing. At PNT, we have advanced and cutting edge solutions that can provide immediate relief and lasting results, allowing you to return to what you love, pain free, in 10 days or less.
Traditional Physical Therapy Approach
While we applaud all helpful techniques and traditional approaches here at Pacific Neuro Therapy, we have found that our solutions lead to our clients becoming pain free within two weeks with a 98% success rate. Before moving forward to our solutions, we feel it is important to lay the foundation that we both understand more traditional tactics and why ours produces significantly quicker, consistent and lasting resultsPhysical therapy or physiotherapy is a common remedy for injuries or chronic pain that promotes function and mobility. It is the treatment of a sports injuries or chronic pain through physical methods, such as massage, electrical stimulation and exercise without the usage of drugs or surgery. Physical therapists, fitness and corrective exercise specialists are people that can bring back functionality or restore the quality of life of injured athletes or active adults. Designed to reduce pain, inflammation and discomfort in the affected body part, this has been a go-to method for decades.Physical therapy treatment depends on the damage or condition of the injury and also the goals and needs of the person affected. Hands-on, manual physical therapy is an effective treatment that has brought tremendous success in thousands of cases. It can restore function and mobility, speed up recovery time and improve overall health especially when coupled with electrical stimulation modalities.Physical therapists & fitness specialists look into the client’s injury history, any imaging that has been done (CT-Scan, MRI, X-Ray, etc) and proceed with other non-invasive, diagnostic procedures, such as muscle imbalances, to identify the pain. From this diagnosis, a treatment plan, typically based around the end pain, not where the problem is stemming from, is established. These plans can be generic, often treating each injury as the same and done in group settings.For athletes and other active adults, it is easy to understand that nobody’s body is the same and that some people recover quicker than others from sports related injuries. It is imperative to have an experienced and competent physical therapist or fitness expert that understands the body, proper function and movement. Even with all the right diagnoses, a thorough plan needs to be in place that maps out the path to pain free.After the diagnosis and designing a generic plan of action to have you back to full speed, for example in 3-5 weeks, the next focus is to rebuild and reboot your muscles. Physical therapy can help manage and treat pain and prevent permanent damage. Therapists and fitness experts teach exercises, different techniques and use specialized equipment to target the injury. Throughout all of this, there is still no definitive answer to when you will be back to 100% and feeling great.You deserve to be pain free. Are you ready to find out what’s leading to your chronic pain or what caused your acute injury? Schedule today to get your custom, 1-on-1 treatment started and don’t waste anymore time!
The PNT Difference
We provide a private, 1-on-1 environment, combined with programs and technology that were once exclusive to professional athletes. We’re readily available and eager to help you overcome your pain or injury in a matter of days and get you back to the activities you love. Our success stories include Heisman candidates, middle school basketball players, adult Crossfitters, senior citizens and many more.What makes Pacific Neuro Therapy different from traditional pain therapy and rehabilitation?First, we start by testing to see if your muscles are neurologically in balance. If the brain cannot send a fast enough signal to the called upon body part, then force may be distributed improperly throughout the body. We test to make sure that each extremity is able to activate when called upon. If the body is not in balance, we begin an in-balance protocol, taking approximately three minutes.Second, after testing to see if your muscles are in balance, we will begin our “Scan & Eliminate” process. An MRI, XRay, and CT Scan only reveal where an injury ended up (ex. Torn meniscus), not where it began (ex. Deficient quadriceps and/or hamstrings). Through our “Scan” procedure, we can locate the neurological origin of your pain or injury. Within one minute, we will know what is leading to the problem without having to wait for results to be read. Once we find where your pain is coming from, we begin the “Eliminate” process. This includes a movement that would normally give you the most pain. It may sound crazy, but we do this in order to retrain your own body to function properly and put the force of the activity back into the muscles that are meant to absorb it, instead of joints, ligaments or tendons. While doing this, you’ll simultaneously be breaking up scar tissue and flushing out inflammation with a dramatic increase in blood flow. This intense combination, happening all at once, allows for immediate relief and increased range of motion. In minutes, you’ll a minimum 25% decrease in pain and increase in range of motion.After the first session is complete, we will design a custom rehabilitation & treatment program that is catered exclusively to your pain origin, what bothers you the most and what your end goals are. With PNT’s custom built programs and advanced technology, injuries can be overcome in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or even months in traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation. We don’t move forward to the next phase of our program until we see the expected results within the current phase. You will be fully informed of the timeline of your recovery that states when you will be back to activity and pain free. We take great pride in helping people return to the activities they love and work diligently to make that happen with every client.We’ve successfully treated people suffering from years of chronic back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. Among other chronic pains, we also have helped people return to a pain free life that were suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, etc. For athletes and active individuals, we’ve had great success with sports-related injuries such as a strained muscle, pulled muscle and torn muscle. Other sports-injuries we specialize in treating are strains or tears of tendons and ligaments. Whether the problem is chronic or acute, has you in a sling, boot or using crutches, PNT can assist in a rapid fashion. Our Team has worked with a variety of people with different fitness and athletic backgrounds and is excited to help you get back to a pain free life!Isn’t it time to get the relief you deserve?Experience elite treatment and care for yourself! Call now to book your first session and become #PainFreeAtPNT!

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