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Brand new, state-of-the-art strength equipment, functional training space, turf, physical therapy, DEXA, RMR Testing, VO2 Max Testing and fitness classes

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Our Story & Team

Former NFL Tight End Jeron Mastrud founded Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab in 2014 with the simple goal to help athletes overcome sports injuries in 10 days or less so they had the best opportunity to fulfill their athletic dreams. After 4 years of helping state champions, collegiate and professional athletes (ranging from NFL to MLS), Apex quickly expanded into the adult market, adding a Doctor of Physical Therapy and accepting health insurance to make services more accessible.

Now, with a full spectrum of performance, wellness and rehab offerings, including a DEXA Scan, VO2 Max and RMR testing, as well as a NEW Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jaydee Romick (who’s a National Champion softball player herself!), Apex is ready to help you Champion Your Body.

We provide a team oriented atmosphere with an athlete mindset that’s results driven to deliver superior performance. Filled with positivity, hard work and an open mind, our Team is ready to help you become a champion of your body.


We offer a range of services to help you become a Champion of Your Body.


Sports injuries, chronic pain, or surgery rehab & now accepting insurance!


Understanding your cardiovascular endurance & metabolism are critical for success in nutrition/fitness/athletics

Apex Ascent

Athletes & Adults - we have the answer to improve body comp, increase performance & Champion Your Body


Full spectrum of offerings that can be done onsite to achieve a healthier, happier & more productive workforce


If you don’t track, you don’t know!

Apex PWR provides onsite DEXA Scans for easy accessibility for your company, gym or event. A DEXA Scan is the Gold Standard in body composition analysis and provides immediate results in less than 10 minutes! As Oregon’s only mobile DEXA Scan service, let us make things more convenient and allow your members, employees or participants to find out what’s really going on inside their body. Call now to inquire about process and availability

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RMR Test

Discover speed of metabolism & calories needed to lose weight!

Apex PWR provides Resting Metabolic Rate testing so you can unlock the answers you've been looking for. One, 15 minute RMR Test will show you the speed of your metabolism, how many calories you burn throughout the day, and how much you need to eat to lose weight. This test helps you tailor nutrition and fitness plans specific to your body. Avoid hitting plateaus or spending time, money and energy on a plan that isn't right for you. Watch the video to learn more about RMR testing at Apex. We provide discounts on this service when you package it with a DEXA Scan and/or VO2 Max Test!

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VO2 Max Test

Quantify Your Cardiovascular Fitness

VO2 Max Testing is available at Apex PWR. This test is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. A VO2 Max Test also shows the amount of calories you burn during exercise in four different heart rate training zones. With this information you can tailor exercise plans to burn the exact calories you need to reach your goals. More importantly, it is directly correlated with longevity. This is a great way to track long term heart health and how a current exercise regimen is improving cardiovascular fitness. Watch the video to see how a VO2 Max Test goes at Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab. To get the most comprehensive outlook on your body and track over time, pair this test with an RMR Test and/or a DEXA Scan.

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Companies Impacted

Whether your company is small or large, sedentary or active, younger or older, we can co-create a
custom offering to make an impact on the productivity, health and happiness of your workforce.