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Performance, Wellness & Rehab are all critical to your health journey and becoming a Champion of Your Body. Together, all three areas help PWR you to better overall health. We want to help you reach the APEX of your health, whether that’s helping you with performance (working out), wellness (tracking & analyzing your body), or rehab (physical therapy to overcome sports injuries, chronic pain or surgery). Whether you live near our state of the art facility in Portland, Oregon, or somewhere else around the world, we have offerings & services that can allow you the opportunity to experience the PWR of APEX. We are now restocked with mini bands and super bands, complete with traveling bags and a door anchor. Now you can get a great workout at home or on the go!


Former NFL Tight End Jeron Mastrud founded APEX Performance Wellness & Rehab in 2014 with the simple goal to help athletes overcome sports injuries so they had the best opportunity to fulfill their athletic dreams. He experienced many disconnects between people providing help and them understanding the mental and emotional side of rehabbing an injury as an athlete. After 1 year of helping state champions, collegiate and professional athletes (ranging from NFL to MLS), APEX quickly expanded into the adult market, adding Doctors of Physical Therapy and accepting health insurance, HSA & FSA to make services more accessible. Continuing to grow and expand into more areas of health, APEX added body composition, metabolism & cardiovascular fitness analysis. This way, people could track more aspects of their body, have greater health outcomes and discover what may have been holding them back. In 2018, APEX finally expanded into their current, state of the art facility to add performance training and group fitness. Now, APEX PWR can help people of all ages & fitness levels Champion Their Body, whether they need the right workouts, the right data on their bodies or the right rehab to overcome a setback. 


We’re BACK OPEN and ready to come onsite to your company, OR provide virtual options! We have a variety of services, programs, and topics we can deliver to any sized company. APEX Co-Founder, former NFL Tight End & best selling author is also a sought after speaker for events, groups and companies of any size to motivate, coach and educate on any topic in the health, wellness & fitness field. 

At work is where a lot of people spend a good portion of their day. We love to help companies do their part to create healthier communities by helping their employees Champion Their Body. Whether your company is small or large, sedentary or active, younger or older, we can co-create a custom offering to make an impact on the productivity, health and happiness of your workforce. We’ve helped numerous companies in a variety of industries, and would love to chat with you about how we can make a positive impact with your workforce. 

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