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January 4, 2019
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VO2 Max Puts a Number on Your Cardiovascular Fitness

The key to heart health, cardiovascular fitness & longevity

Why you can benefit TODAY from getting a VO2 Max Test and what it will tell you

Some people feel like they can run forever while others feel like they get fatigued quickly. Did you know that you can quantify your cardiovascular fitness with a VO2 Max test instead of just guessing?  This test takes less than 20 minutes, is done on a treadmill or cycle, and helps YOU DISCOVER the following:

—> Your specific, target heart rate training zones and how many calories your body burns in each zone. This helps make workouts more efficient to quicker meet fitness, nutrition, and/or body composition goals

—> Quantify your cardiovascular fitness and track over time

—> A higher VO2 Max is directly correlated with a longer lifespan

How Does it Work?

An VO2 Max test is very simple. It’s performed in athletic attire while riding a cycle or running on a treadmill. For best results, we recommend that you do not exercise the day of your test, and avoid caffeine and other stimulant the previous 4 hours (if you have, it will be okay!). Book your test online, come in for your 15 minute appointment, and breath into the machine while running on a treadmill (see photo below). Immediately after, we will print the results and you will have them in hand with the answers you’ve been looking for. These answers will help you more quickly and efficiently reach your goals. After this is completed, you can go about your day or proceed to your next test, whether that’s a DEXA Scan or RMR Test.

The key to heart health, cardiovascular fitness & longevity

Know Your Target Heart Rate Training Zones

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get a workout? Wondering if you could be doing a more efficient workout with time you have? With a VO2 Max Test, you will discover EXACTLY how many calories you burn in a variety of heart rate zones. With this information, especially combined with results from an RMR Test, you can tailor your workout to get the results you’re looking for in LESS TIME.

Discover your heart rate training zones immediately after your VO2 Max Test

Here’s an example:

Laura wants to burn 400 calories, but only has 25 minutes to work out. She can quickly reference her VO2 Max results for the answers. There she will find, that if she spends 15 minutes in her second highest heart rate zone and 10 minutes in her second lowest zone, she will exceed 400 calories. Now, if Laura has an RMR Test result, she will know how many calories to eat to hit her goal of building more muscle. Why keep guessing when you can easily get the answer?

Quantify Your Cardiovascular Fitness & Track Over Time

A VO2 Test will give you multiple data points that can all be tracked over time. It will also show your cardiovascular fitness in relation to those your age and gender. Some people may be seeking better body composition. Othersa may just want an annual checkup as they age. Some may be starting a new nutrition plan. Whichever the case, tracking VO2 Max output over time will directly show that you are improving or maintaining your cardiovascular fitness and help you understand how many calories you need to eat. This can indicate that you’re at least taking one step in the right direction towards a longer, healthier life.

Higher VO2 Max Results & Direct Correlation to Longevity

Everyone knows how important heart health is. Obesity has become a top killer in the United States while people have transitioned to a more sedentary lifestyle than ever before. Binge watching shows. Working at a computer. Sitting in a car commuting through traffic. While there are many factors that play into heart health, the correlation between better cardiovascular fitness levels, and longevity, in undeniable. Multiple studies suggest that people with higher VO2 Max test results have an increased life expectancy. No matter where you are (or where you think you are) on the spectrum of cardiovascular fitness, a VO2 Max Test could be the first step towards adding on to your life. In the less than 20 minutes, you can have results and a plan in place for improvement.


What YOU Can Do About It

Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is excited to announce the addition of VO2 Max testing to the state-of-the-art facility to better assist in becoming a Champion of Your Body. This test pairs perfectly with an RMR Test and a DEXA Scan to give you a full spectrum assessment on your body and help you track over time.

Quantify your cardiovascular fitness. Learn how many calories you burn while exercising in different heart rate zones. Understand your heart health as you age. Visit apexpwr.com/buy. See you soon!

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