Who We Are

Founded by Jeron, Kalen and Kellen in 2014, APEX Performance Wellness & Rehab is a dedicated team here to help you Champion Your Body, based in Portland, OR

Meet the founders

We are Jeron, Kalen and Kellen!

Jeron and Kellen are brothers, and Kalen is a close friend from childhood (20+ years)!! After Kalen and Kellen finished college, and Jeron was in his offseason during his time in the NFL, APEX PWR was born. The mission has always been to help the community to be healthier and happier. Champion Your Body is something you will hear a lot around here and it is their goal to help you understand how that can be achieved through Performance Wellness & Rehab.

Our Team

Jeron Mastrud

What’s up APEX Family?! I’m an Oregon native who attended Kansas State University on a full ride football scholarship. At KSU, I set the record for most receptions in a career by a tight end, while also earning All Big XII honors as a senior and twice earning Academic All American honors. Athletics and academics were of high importance, but also community service. I was a mentor to middle school youth, volunteered frequently in elementary school classrooms and was a 3 time SAAC representative.


After college, I went undrafted to the Miami Dolphins, where I played three seasons from 2010-2012. In the 2013 season, I started for the Oakland Raiders. My time in the NFL really exposed my passion for the human body, keeping it healthy and moving.


Before entering the 2014 season, I started APEX with Kellen and Kalen, with the mission of creating healthier communities by helping people Champion Their Body. I love bringing my expertise from my athletic career to the public and seeing all the positive changes people are able to make.


In my free time, I love going on the boat, wake surfing and swimming. In the winter months I love skiing and snowboarding. I also enjoy hiking, pickup basketball, pickleball and really anything outside, in the sun with a little competition. I love to travel with my wife and visit new places, especially somewhere hot!

Kellen Mastrud

What’s up everyone? I was born and raised in Oregon. I’ve always been an active person and loved playing every sport growing up. My favorite sport is football by far. I always enjoyed playing and watching it. 


Growing up in Oregon I enjoyed the outdoors year round. Skiing & snowboarding in the winter and spring. Camping and boating all summer. I’ve always loved getting outside and finding ways to take in the beauty of Oregon.


Training has been a big part of my life. My Dad was my high school football coach and introduced me to training at a young age. I wasn’t lifting weights as a child but, learning how to enhance my performance, and continue to better myself in the weight room was instilled in me at a young age. 


Starting APEX with Jeron and Kalen we had a goal to give back to the community all the knowledge and expertise that helped us. Whether you’re a young athlete or not, you need to be moving your body and training in some capacity. It brings each of us great joy to see people take control of their lives and improve the quality of their life. 


Overcoming injury or chronic pain, getting stronger, faster, more explosive, making big, positive changes to body composition, all of this is why we do what we do and love every minute of it! 


You can be training for a sport or just training for life. Either way, APEX is here for you and I’m excited you’re here! Work hard, stay consistent and Champion Your Body!

Kalen Powell

Growing up playing sports, fitness and health have always been a top priority for me. After a year of college college athletics, and it not going as I’d dreamed, I switched from a standard business major, following the crowds, to a human physiology and anatomy major and really focusing on my education (which was a first). It became my passion.


After graduating from University of Oregon, Jeron, Kellen and I started this venture together. It remains our mission to help the people of our community Champion Their Body through performance, wellness & rehab. We love to see people improve their quality of life and learn how to maintain that when they leave us. 


I am always on a personal mission to fill my life with health, wealth and happiness. Health, both physically and mentally/emotionally. A wealth of love, friendship, community, success, family. If we have health and wealth, we are sure to find happiness. 


Whenever I’m not at APEX, I’m most likely with my wife and dog. I love to make my own meals, but my favorite food to splurge on is sushi. If I’m getting dessert, it’s probably marionberry pie or cookies with vanilla bean ice cream. If it’s nice outside I love being in my backyard with the dog and admiring the yardwork I likely did that morning. I also love to camp, fish, backpack, ski, boat – not much of a hiker, unless I’m going to arrive at a destination with something to do!

Jon & his High School track & field throwers!

Jon van den Boogaard

Hey everybody! I’m Jon, a physical therapist here at APEX. I grew up in Florida, but I’ve been in Oregon for 7 years and it feels like home now. I went to the University of Florida where I completed a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and a doctorate of Physical Therapy. I did a year long sports medicine residency with the UF sports teams after I completed PT school. Needless to say I’m a die-hard Gator fan, and you’ll probably hear about it! The residency qualified me to become a board certified sports PT and I’ve completed the certification as well in Orthopedics. My favorite part of being a PT is helping people overcome obstacles and having interesting conversations with people of different backgrounds, occupations and viewpoints.


I grew up trying almost all sports with soccer, basketball, and track and field being my best. I was inspired by some of the great coaches I had growing up to follow in their footsteps. I’ve coached the throwing events in track in field (shot put, discus, and javelin) for 6 years. I recently completed my level 2 throws coaching certificate from USA Track and Field, and I’ve even traveled to Finland to attend the world javelin conference in 2018. Seeing a kid grow and gain confidence as they improve is a blast! 


When I’m not treating patients or coaching track I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and our german shepherd, Bronson. I like to BBQ and went to a BBQ camp in Texas back in February. My favorite dishes to make are pork belly burnt ends, full chickens and turkeys, and reverse seared tri tips! I also love to travel. I’ve been to much of northern Europe as well as Israel and a few countries in the Caribbean.

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