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What does Adult Fitness at APEX look like?

We love helping people of all levels of fitness get a great workout and reach their goals. You can expect to use resistance bands, dumbbells, bodyweight, med balls, and other equipment all across our turf area. We LOVE to have fun and incorporate other exercises that you can’t do at home or in a standard gym or boutique facility. We have over 25 foot high ceilings and 2000 square feet of turf to challenge you, get you a great workout and conquer your fitness goals!

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Modify or intensify each exercise with flexible equipment options!

What is the class schedule at APEX?

At the moment, we have workouts available 5 days per week! Monday, Wednesday and Friday, workouts start at 6:30am. Tuesday and Thursday, workouts start at 5:30pm. During your first week FREE, you may attend every workout. After your first week free, we offer flexible weekly memberships, allowing you to come to every workout and pause/cancel when you’re out of town.

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Challenge your level of strength and cardiovascular fitness in each workout!


  • Efficient

    In under 45 minutes, we will improve strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility all while decreasing injury risk (we're a Physical therapy clinic too, so we know how to keep the body healthy)

  • Results Driven

    What takes some people 5-6x per week at 60 minutes, we can achieve in 3-4x per week at 40 minutes. We track progress with gold standard technology

  • Fun & Challenging

    We are constantly creating fun & challenging workouts, yet adaptable for all to participate. We challenge the body with exercises and 'drills' that you won't find anywhere else, creating a more dynamic you

  • Facility

    Fun exercises that you can’t find in a small gym, or place littered with machines and cardio equipment - turf, large weight area, and strong walls allow us to get creative and explosive with different equipment

  • Balance & Body Control

    Everyone knows how important balance and body control are, especially as we age. Every workout we do is meant to make everyday activities easier for you

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

    We don't rely on cardio equipment, but use techniques to combine heart rate and weight training together for maximized efficiency and effective results that will last

  • Best Trainers

    Exciting, motivating and educating coaches that are ready to work with you and help you improve not only your fitness, but your life

  • Fitness for ALL

    Adaptable workouts for all levels of fitness, whether you’re a seasoned expert, working out for the first time or coming off of a surgery rehab. The goal is to promote fitness to all, and we know how to make it work for all ability levels

  • Membership Flexibility

    Weekly membership allowing you the flexibility to come and go when vacation, work or other needs call - just cancel and restart with the click of a button

  • Community

    The strength is in the community - we are all here to help build each other up, and conquer goals TOGETHER! You'll find that a strong community makes all your goals easier

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The Best Workout In Portland, OR

Welcome to the best workout in Portland, Oregon. Here at APEX, we will help you unlock the results you’ve been looking for from years of data and research that has already been tested and proven. After years of working with clients, we found that the adult population is either not working out, or working out inefficiently. Chasing results that simply aren’t attainable with excess cardio and no strength base. When you join APEX, we will show you why we’re the best workout in Portland!

Our philosophy is simple: time is precious, so your workouts should be efficient, effective, and not take away more than 45 minutes of your day. Every workout should be toward your long term goal, and no time will be wasted in achieving that goal.

Each session will focus on strength, stability, balance, mobility, endurance, body control and overall human performance. You can expect to get stronger, and have confidence in your body, always. Your body should never let you down when faced with something difficult, we are here to help build a stronger YOU.

Beginning as a Physical Therapy facility, we will also focus on injury prevention. Many adults spend too much time doing nothing, or the wrong things, and then jump back into intense workouts, skipping over the importance of injury prevention exercises – this leads to increased risk of injury, so we do our best to limit risk of injury by sweating the small stuff.

Hesitant to Join Us In Person?
We got you covered with other options

For only $27, you get 20+ workouts with picture guide, lower, upper & full body, a daily checklist, accountability & more!

Join us in-person, or virtually, for a 45-minute custom program based on your goals, equipment, time and ability level. 

Our online fitness community has countless workout videos & programs, body weight to full gym, beginner to expert. First week is free! Try it out!

People - just like you - choose APEX PWR as their partner in health, fitness & physical therapy...

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Frequently asked questions about ADULT GROUP FITNESS:

Each session will be 40 minutes. During this 40 minutes you will go through a full warm up, strength training and cardiovascular endurance. No two workouts are the same, we challenge the WHOLE body, every day.

Absolutely! We also offer a service that tests VO2 Max - the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness - and our workouts are designed off of latest research to help improve this! You can expect to have a higher workload capacity & improved cardiovascular fitness after training with APEX!

YES! Our workouts are very flexible to challenge all levels of strength. We utilize kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls and resistance bands to provide multiple options to challenge & build strength. 

Currently, classes are available 5 days per week. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the workout starts at 6:30am. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, the workouts starts at 5:30pm. More sessions will be added as current ones fill up!

Yes! We actually offer an entire week FREE so you can come Monday through Friday to experience the workouts firsthand!

This will depend on each person. However, we set up our workouts so that you can come daily, or once a week. There are other components that are important to your health and fitness, such as rest and recovery. There are always modifications available to scale back a session if you feel sore or tired, or just new to the movement.

Wear your standard workout gear! Bring a water bottle (or grab an APEX Tempercraft one) because we have a refill station. We also provide towels for your workout, you just bring the effort!

We recommend working out in TRAINING shoes versus RUNNING shoes, but that's just us being picky. 

Yes! The second family member, and any additional, will get $15 off per week! That means it is $30/week for unlimited classes. Get the whole family in - kids and adults have different programs available! Email for details.

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