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We help adults unleash their inner athlete to win the game of life.
Get strong. Stay Strong.

What is APEX Adult Performance?


This is for adults who want to live their lives stronger, healthier and happier. We will help any adult become ready for life with confidence in their body’s ability to perform anything life throws at it. No more using the excuse of “I’m too old for that” – at APEX, our team will help guide you – teaching you & showing you – how to become the healthiest, and strongest version of yourself. You should win at life and Champion Your Body.

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Who this is for

Any adult looking to become stronger, happier and healthier than they have been in their lives. Anyone looking for a community to help them reach their goals.

When is it?

We have sessions daily, Monday – Sunday. To accommodate busy schedules, there are before work & after work times, as well as weekends.

What you'll learn

Our performance model – start with work capacity and build a broad foundation for max potential. Movement patterns, injury prevention from PTs, the best high value programming for long term results.

How much is it?

We offer ultimate flexibility to fit your busy schedule. Monthly memberships as well as session packages are available. Or drop in to experience it before committing to a membership or package. See options below.

Monthly Memberships

Elite Membership

$ 107 billed monthly
  • ~ $14 / Session
  • 2 Sessions / Week

Premier Membership

$ 197 billed monthly
  • < $10 / Session
  • Unlimited Sessions
best value

Basic Membership

$ 87 billed monthly
  • ~ $22 / Session
  • 1 Session / Week

Premier Membership Perks:
- 15% off Wellness Tests (DEXA, RMR, VO2)
- 15% off all merchandise
- 20% off Self-Pay Physical Therapy
- 30% Off Thorne Supplements
- Free access to workshops & events at APEX PWR

Session Packages

30 Session Pack

$ 440 one-time purchase
  • $14.66 / Session

20 Session Pack

$ 330 one-time purchase
  • $16.50 / Session

10 Session Pack

$ 180 one-time purchase
  • $18 / Session

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What Does our
Adult Performance Program
Focus On?

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