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Who is the APEX Ascent
Program For?

Session Time: 4:30p-5:15p, M-Th

The APEX Ascent Program is designed and instructed by doctors of physical therapy to bridge the gap between physical therapy and returning to sport or activity. Additionally, it’s a great place for any youth athlete to train safely and effectively to build strength, endurance, mobility, neuromuscular reeducation and more! 

We know when you’re done with physical therapy, that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to compete for a full game at the highest level. The APEX Ascent Program is the perfect place to continue to progress and get your body ready to go (strength, endurance, etc). This is also one of the best ways to build confidence so when you do return to action, you have no hesitations when the game is on the line.

What is the APEX Ascent
Program Philosophy?

The Ascent program is centered around the performance model pyramid shown here. We’re here to help people build a wide, strong foundation of athleticism. Most sports have plenty of time in both practices and games where athletes will work on explosiveness, reactive strength and speed. However, that practice time neglects building foundational strength and, most importantly, workload capacity. If you take away the blocks of foundational strength and workload capacity, an athlete’s pyramid of performance is much smaller, creating a higher risk for injury and limiting top end performance potential.  

Most people attending Ascent workouts have previously joined us for 1 on 1 physical therapy, which always includes an evaluation and baseline testing. This creates an opportunity to establish a baseline, set customized goals, and measure improvement over time. While anyone is welcome to join, a 1 on 1 evaluation is recommended before starting. 

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Which is More Important, Strength or Speed?

Different sports place a different demand on each athlete. Many athletes spend their time working on speed or speed-strength, while others focus solely on strength or strength-speed. Some of this comes naturally with the sport, practice time and games or competitions. Each element of the Force Velocity Curve is important and it is most ideal for an athlete to increase the entire curve outward. This compliments the Performance Model pyramid shown above and creates a well-rounded athlete. The Ascent Program emphasizes all parts of the Force Velocity Curve through a variety of exercises and movements involving bodyweight, resistance bands, weights and medicine balls. We utilize all areas of our facility, that has 2000 square of turf, weight floor and 30 foot high ceilings. 

What Does the Ascent Program Focus On?

  1. Injury Prevention – We’ve been treating physical therapy patients since 2014, from middle school to professional athletes. We’ve implemented all the latest research into this program to help people decrease their injury risk as much as possible, including common injuries like ACL tears, ankle sprains, hamstring pulls, shoulder injuries and more.
  2. Strength –  One of the best ways to decrease injury risk, is through strength training. Strength is a building block for athletes in any sport, any age. Our programs will help your athlete, safely and effectively, build muscle to help them be stronger throughout their sport. We do this through bodyweight movement, weights, medicine balls and resistance bands, ensuring proper technique before making things more difficult.
  3. Mobility / Stability – Some athletes need to increase flexibility, range of motion and mobility. This will allow for speed, strength and explosiveness increases. Other athletes need to be more stable at a moments notice. We incorporate both mobility & stability in all workouts.
  4. Agility – No matter the sport, dedicating training to fast-twitch muscle fibers will help athletes develop all around athleticism and blow by their competition.
  5. Endurance – Every sport requires endurance so that the athlete can continue to push when energy is low. We will develop both cardiovascular and muscular endurance during this program so your athlete can standout all game long.
  6. Explosiveness – Adding explosive training principles allows an athlete to improve relative strength and create more force, resulting in improvements in things like, vertical jump, broad jump & top end performance.
  7. Body Control – Athletes are growing and always a work in progress. This program is dedicated to helping your athlete improve their ability to control their body through space, especially when fatigued.

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We have two membership options for you to choose from, Limited and Unlimited. Both options are billed on a weekly basis, so you can easily come and go as your schedule dictates. Limited Memberships allow access to 1 session per week, whereas Unlimited Memberships allow access to all sessions throughout the week. We also offer a sibling discount. When the first sibling signs up for an Unlimited Membership, each subsequent sibling receives $10 off, per week, for their membership. To get the discount code, please call the APEX Team at 971-294-2669.

Current Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – 4:30pm – 5:15pm (45 minutes)

APEX Ascent Program

Limited Membership (1x/week)
$ 27 Weekly
  • Attend Once Per Week
  • Maintain Progress from Physical Therapy
  • Decrease Injury Risk and Recurrence

APEX Ascent Program

Unlimited Membership
$ 47 Weekly
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions Per Week
  • Maintain PLUS Continue to Build
  • Best Option to Further Decrease Injury Risk

APEX Ascent Program

Drop In Session
$ 30 Per Session
  • Drop In for a Single Workout
  • Strength Training + Conditioning
  • Decrease Injury Risk and Recurrence

#1 Rated Sports Performance
Physical Therapy Team

Are you dealing with a nagging injury, chronic pain or surgery rehab and in need of 1 on 1 attention before joining the Ascent Program? Or would you like to get a 1 on 1 evaluation to identify weaknesses, strengths, establish a baseline and set goals? Schedule a physical therapy evaluation with us today to work 1 on 1 with a doctor of physical therapy. Once you ready, you will graduate into the APEX Ascent Program, and still be under the supervision of a doctor of physical therapy. This can allow for maintenance, continued progression and athletic development in a safe, effective and efficient group setting.

We accept health insurance, HSA and FSA for physical therapy, and also have self pay options available! If you have questions, simply fill out the form and we will get back with you within 2 business days.

Can't Join Us? We got you covered with
our online program - ATHLETE X

Athlete X is our comprehensive sport performance training program that we run at our APEX HQ, only this time, it’s all online, on-demand, whenever your schedule allows. This program includes coaching videos for every single exercise and workout. APEX365’s Athlete X program is the premier online performance training program, perfect for you to do in your home gym, at your school’s gym or any big gym you go to.

Workouts are EXACTLY what you would get if you came here to workout with us. It is the same program we put our elite athletes through during their offseason to increase strength, performance, mobility, stability, body control, explosiveness, endurance and speed. 

You also get access to us, the same trainers and team that run the programs at APEX HQ! Talk to us anytime and ask questions about the program to get the most out of it.

This is not only for young Athletes. We have a strong community of adults who just want a great workout to be ready for anything life throws at them.

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FAQ - Performance Training:

We offer a family discount for multiple siblings in different sports and age groups! Please give us a call and we will give you the coupon code, plus walk you through the process.

Of course! The APEX Ascent Program is perfect for athletes after they graduate from physical therapy AND athletes looking to improve their overall athletic ability WHILE decreasing injury risk. 

A primary focus of our performance training is strength work. We begin with fundamentals and foundations of strength, and progress each athlete based on their ability. Younger athletes start with body weight and focus more on mechanics, while older athletes will progress to heavier weight to increase overall strength for their sport.

A result of strength and conditioning, with plyometric training incorporated in, is the ability to jump higher and further. With our programs, you can expect your child to jump higher, but training safely to improve overall athleticism as well.

No matter the sport, training the fast twitch muscle groups will help an athlete get faster. We emphasize training both fast and slow twitch throughout every session to help improve speed, agility, strength, explosion, balance and more.

Based on our practice of physical therapy here at APEX (that’s actually how we started our business!), we focus on core components of fundamental strength training which reduces the risk of injury by building the muscular system to better support the body. There is a massive crossover between sports performance and physical therapy training, sports performance is just the next level of the work you would do in a physical therapy session with us. Most of our patients treat their physical therapy with us as a workout, getting the best results for their effort. This also helps to reduce the risk of overtraining.

We would recommend setting up an appointment with our team of physical therapists. Our approach is based on getting the body back to performance shape, pain free. This is how we transition athletes back into their sport in a safe manner. Your athlete would then be introduced to the training program as soon as they are cleared by our PT.

For sure! Although we love to see every athlete for physical therapy first and graduate them into the APEX Ascent Program, it is allowed to join this program without seeing our physical therapy team prior.

Soccer athletes have one of the highest risks of ACL and knee injuries. This is THE BEST environment to help your soccer athlete decrease their injury risk, while still making improvements to their overall athletic ability.

YES! Improving vertical jump is more than just jumping over and over. We will improve a variety of components that go into vertical jump, including increasing mobility, strength, and endurance, so you have the same level of jump all competition long!

Our physical therapy team is comprised of doctors of physical therapy that are also certified strength and conditioning specialists, USA Track & Field certified coaches, and more! Needless to say, our team has both training and medical knowledge to provide the best environment and workout for your athlete.

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