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APEX365 is the online platform for Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab. Don’t have time during the day? Don’t have equipment? Don’t know what to do? We have covered with APEX365! 

APEX365 combines all of the offerings you get with ApexPWR in person, delivered to you via email, everyday. You will be able to access the exact same Apex Ascent workouts going on in person at their state of the art facility with athletes, former athletes, and active adults. You also get a high energy, fast paced, Burn workout. You also will get access to doctors of physical therapy, & Rehab delivered to you daily. 

To keep you accountable, answer questions & coach you from anywhere, we provide a private Facebook community, including LIVE Q&As. Learn more by watching the video!

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The Best Workout APEX365 Ascent

Shed fat, lose weight, increase cardiovascular fitness and build strength with the Apex Ascent program. This is the workout active adults, corporate employees and athletes do daily at the state of the art Apex facility. Apex Ascent addresses the four pillars of fitness: strength, endurance (both muscular & cardiovascular), mobility (& stability), and neuromuscular re-education. 

This workout is to be accomplished in 45-60 minutes and is designed by a former NFL player & doctors of physical therapy. There are three options of this workout, Ascent, Base Camp & Travel. The only difference is the equipment needed. That way, you can do this workout when you have a full gym, or only a set a bands on the beach while on vacation. Check out the equipment requirements below! 

High Energy, Fast Paced Apex365 Burn

Apex Burn is a fast paced, high energy workout suitable for beginners and challenging for fitness experts. This workout features minimal equipment (mini bands only) and is to be completed in under 30 minutes. It is an awesome, full body workout that can easily be done in a living room, backyard or on the beach while on vacation. Time is frequently an excuse for people to not workout, but now that’s solved! Grab your pack of mini bands, pull up the workout, and you’ll get a great sweat, get your heart rate up and your body will thank you for the movement.

This workout remains consistent with the ApexPWR fitness principles. It address strength, endurance (both muscular & cardiovascular), mobility (& stability) and neuromuscular re-education. This is the most complete, high energy, fat burning workout available online! Are you ready to full the BURN?! Join BURN today!

Decrease Injury Risk Apex Rehab

Apex Rehab is there for you daily to help you decrease your risk of injury, address major body parts, and minimize long term healthcare costs. Now you can worry less about your health insurance, deductible and appointment scheduling and access athlete minded, results oriented physical therapists to get solutions that work for you. 

With Apex Rehab, you will get a PDF emailed to you daily with two major body parts and a list of exercises for each. You can do these with your workout or by themselves. The areas targeted are: neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle. Once a week, our doctors of physical do live Q&As in the private Facebook group, so you can directly speak with someone and get specific, customized answers for your body. 

Already have a workout program, but just need Apex Rehab? Click the button below to join Apex Rehab and start decreasing your injury risk today!

Programs + Equipment

APEX365 Community

We’re on a mission to create healthier communities around the world. In order to do this in a virtual world, connect people and remain connected, we provide a private a Facebook group for all APEX365 members to join. Now you can consistently connect and interact with others and the Apex Team.

Community is one of the top reasons people love to go to the gym. However, we know life can get in the way and keep from being consistent. Now you can get great workouts in, stay in touch with an active, health conscious community and follow along live. We offer exclusive workouts, movements, and challenges in this group for you to access at any time!

Our Rehab team, featuring doctors of physical therapy, are in there to answer questions, help you decrease injury risk and host LIVE Q&As. Now you don’t have to continuously push through nagging injuries, chronic pain or worrying about getting to an appointment with your busy schedule. 

Join the APEX365 community today and take the PWR of Apex with you, wherever your life sends you!

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By joining this community, you will be gaining a huge family committed to your health and wellness, encouraging you to #ChampionYourBody every day.

Effective, Portable Equipment Apex Mini Bands

Mini Bands are one of the best pieces of workout equipment you can own! They’re lightweight, cost-effective and easy to transport with you. These bands pair perfectly with our Apex365 Burn workout. Now you can get a great workout, wherever life leads you!

These bands come in a travel bag and include five different tensions, ranging from extra light to extra heavy. Mini bands are perfect to use as in a warm up, during the workout to increase difficulty, and for physical therapy & other injury prevention exercises. 

Mini bands are commonly used by athletes around the world. Stay prepared when you travel for camps, clinics, showcases and tournaments! 

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See the Mini Bands In Action, Watch the Video!

Corporate Wellness Online

We LOVE working with companies of all sizes! Whether we’re co-creating a custom corporate wellness plan or helping enhance an existing one, we have a wide range of solutions for you and your employees. We specialize in enhancing health awareness, motivating and educating teams with relatable stories, research backed data, and custom tools that are easy to implement. 

We now have physical therapy, fitness for all levels (from beginner to pro athlete), & accountability available online, accessible 365 days a year! This can be individual, for only one department or for the entire company.

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