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3 Steps To Keto

Yes! It is another blog about Keto! “I’ve had my bulletproof coffee, extra butter on everything and I haven’t even looked at a carb in 4 months.” These kind of comments are always being said when people come see us for their Dexa or RMR. It seems like the majority of people that do come …

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Quick Dynamic Warm Up

A dynamic warm up is something that should always be completed prior to movement, weight lifting and/or running. We know time is of the essence, and most busy people want to jump right into their workout, but here’s a little routine you can easily do in under 5 minutes. Apex Wellness Director, Kalen Powell, demonstrates …

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Abdominal Fat & How if Affects Your Long Term Health

It’s always common to assess “how in shape you are” from the size of your gut. Most people would assume excess body fat (and abdominal fat) has serious health consequences, and you’re right! It can contribute to increased risk for: disability, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and depression. While most people are …

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Get to know Dr. Jaydee Romick, DPT – Your answer in physical therapy

Dr. Jaydee Romick is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and can treat a wide range of sports injuries and chronic pain that inevitably ensues from an active lifestyle Quick Facts about Jaydee, your physical therapist: Jaydee is a native Oregonian, growing up in Damascus, and attending Barlow High School. She went on to star at …

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Welcome the new, Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab!

Pacific Neuro Therapy has changed its name to Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab. This change reflects expansion, new offerings, and an evolved business. Apex Performance, Wellness & Rehab announces their name change and new location. Founder and CEO, Jeron Mastrud comments on the change: “We added a variety of new services and our old name no …

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