Basketball Performance Training
10-Week Summer Program

Join APEX this summer to take your athleticism up another level while decreasing injury risk!

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Welcome to APEX Performance Wellness & Rehab, where we help people from young athletes to adults Champion Their Body. The Middle School Basketball Performance Training 10-Week Summer Program will be the perfect place for basketball players to improve strength, endurance, and power, while decreasing injury risk

At APEX PWR, we provide physical therapy, group training, and wellness services and are excited to bring our team’s diverse background together to help athletes take their ability to the next level. This program will be a progression over the entire summer. It will feature the latest research in decreasing risk for injuries, increasing strength, endurance, range of motion,  and athletic ability. Claim your spot in the summer program, or purchase drop in sessions .. hurry, SPACE IS LIMITED to 16 athletes per group!!

Middle School Performance Training
10-Week Summer Program Details:

  • For Who:
    • 6th-9th grade boys & girls
  • When:
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • 2:00pm – 3:30pm
    • First session: Tuesday June 22nd
    • Last session: Thursday August 26th
  • Location: APEX Performance Wellness & Rehab 
  • Session Length: 20 Sessions – Each session is 1 hour & 30 minutes
    • Focus 1: Injury prevention exercises, stability, mobility
    • Focus 2: Full body strength, endurance, explosiveness & power
    • Progression: This program will build from one week to the next
  • Cost: $699 or two payments of $349.50

#1 Rated Sports Performance
Physical Therapy

Dealing with an injury, surgery or nagging pain?

Get it fixed before the summer program starts - We accept health insurance, HSA & FSA!

Can't Join Us? We got you covered with
our online program - ATHLETE X

Athlete X is THE comprehensive sports performance training program that we run at APEX in person – only this time, it’s all online, on-demand, whenever your schedule allows. This program includes coaching videos for every single exercise and workout. This program is a collaboration between performance training and physical therapy. It gives athletes a workout program resembling what you would expect as a professional athlete. APEX365’s Athlete X program is the premier online performance training program, perfect for you to do in your home gym, at your school’s gym or any big gym you go to.

Workouts are EXACTLY what you would get if you came here to workout with us. It is the same program we put our elite athletes through during their offseason to increase strength, performance, mobility, stability, body control, explosiveness, endurance and speed. 

You also get access to us, the same trainers and team that run the programs at APEX HQ! Talk to us anytime and ask questions about the program to get the most out of it.

This is not only for young Athletes. We have a strong community of adults who just want a great workout to be ready for anything life throws at them.

Not finding what you're looking for?
We have a variety of programs listed for boys/girls, MS/HS, and a variety of sports. If you're looking for a program but don't see the exact match, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW! We're adding more programs to this lineup as demand increases. We look forward to helping athletes elevate their game this summer!

FAQ - Performance Training:

While our sport specific sessions are only 2x/week the elite group will be 4x/week.. The elite group is a great program for future college or highly competitive athletes.

We offer a family discount for multiple siblings in different sports and age groups! Please give us a call and we will give you the coupon code, plus walk you through the process.

A primary focus of our performance training is strength work. We begin with fundamentals and foundations of strength, and progress each athlete based on their ability. Younger athletes start with body weight and focus more on mechanics, while older athletes will progress to heavier weight to increase overall strength for their sport.

A result of strength and conditioning, with plyometric training incorporated in, is the ability to jump higher and further. With our programs, you can expect your child to jump higher, but training safely to improve overall athleticism as well.

No matter the sport, training the fast twitch muscle groups will help an athlete get faster. We emphasize training both fast and slow twitch throughout every session to help improve speed, agility, strength, explosion, balance and more.

Based on our practice of physical therapy here at APEX (that’s actually how we started our business!), we focus on core components of fundamental strength training which reduces the risk of injury by building the muscular system to better support the body. There is a massive crossover between sports performance and physical therapy training, sports performance is just the next level of the work you would do in a physical therapy session with us. Most of our patients treat their physical therapy with us as a workout, getting the best results for their effort. This also helps to reduce the risk of overtraining.

Like any effective program, we progress the intensity over the course of the training block. This is how the college and pro level athletes train during their offseason to maximize strength and endurance improvements.

We would recommend setting up an appointment with our team of physical therapists. Our approach is based on getting the body back to performance shape, pain free. This is how we transition athletes back into their sport in a safe manner. Your athlete would then be introduced to the training program as soon as they are cleared by our PT.

The membership is charged weekly because we know how busy a 17/18 year old or college kid’s summer can be. You will sign up and then be charged the beginning (Monday AM) of every training week. If you’re gone, then you just cancel the membership for the week!

No, you still have to sign up for each class you will attend! You will get an email from us that tells you exactly how to do this. If you have more questions after signing up, just let us know!

You will just go to the page for the program you want your kid to sign up for, and select the DROP IN button. Add all of the days/times you want to the cart and proceed to checkout after all days/times are selected.

Pricing is based on the assumption that most kids will miss up to 4 sessions with vacation and other commitments.

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