11 Reasons To Do Hard Things

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11 Reasons to do Hard Things

There is a massive problem today with excuses, bad choices, laziness, distractions, and a pure lack of effort. We face internal and external challenges daily. Here are 11 reasons to do hard things, on purpose.

We encourage everyone to voluntarily do the hard things in order to grow personally from experience – life is about experience and experience is essential in human development. We can also better respond to life’s involuntary challenges that are thrown our way as a result. It’s not just a craze right now, it really does help us in every way imaginable.

1. Become a better person

Personal growth should always be on the top of the list. If we don’t challenge ourselves to grow, we will continue to get stuck in the same patterns that paralyze us in different aspects of our life. If we grow and become a better person, our live’s improve because of it.

2. Overcome Obstacles

There is no doubt that obstacles and hardships come our way in life. If not daily, then close to it. If we learn to put ourselves through challenges voluntarily, we will build better strategies to overcome those involuntary challenges.

3. Build better habits

Habits help so much in building routine that will lead to less choices, which leads to less anxiety and decision fatigue. If we train our bodies to go through hard things daily, we can build better habits so that the hard things become easy. When the hard things become easy, they reinforce themselves and become something we rely on to keep our momentum while on autopilot.

4. Improve resiliency

When faced with hard times, it’s easy to cower and just let it happen to you. But if we face challenges head on, looking for solutions, we build skills based on resiliency. When we become resilient, we don’t let challenges tear us down. Instead, you rebuild and expand upon a strong foundation and create a stronger skill set for the next challenge.

5. Become healthier

We can impose challenges on ourselves that are based on health and fitness. If we can stick through hard challenges, and from them form habits, we will automatically become healthier. Health is a habit after all. So endure the hard things now and make yourself healthier, for longer.

6. Increases positivity

A result of going through hard times, and imposing hard things on ourselves, is that we become inherently more positive. We realize that there is less to worry about, and that we are capable of going through hard times. We also control positivity, so choose it, so negativity can’t choose you.

7. You will get stronger – mentally and physically

Putting yourself through hard things, and holding yourself accountable will automatically build discipline and mental strength. You will be so locked in, and disciplined, that exercise will be an essential part of your day. Because of that, you will become stronger and in better shape than you’ve ever been in.

8. Improve relationships

Part of going through hard times is testing our ability to communicate. Relationships are based on communication, so you will be forcing yourself to improve communication to be the best version of yourself as possible. If you can improve your communication, voluntarily, which can be very hard, you will see every relationship around you improve. Most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

9. Provide value to others

You’re going to be setting examples for others to live by with your positivity, communication, mental strength, health, and more. There is no greater calling than contributing to another person’s life in a positive, constructive way. This becomes automatic as you build your best self.

10. Lead by example

To build on providing value to others, you will be leading by example when you do hard things. Growth is the result, and it is contagious. When others see you improving your life and getting right with yourself, you will urge others to do it with you, and they will follow your example.

11. You will be happier

Between improving relationships, getting stronger, becoming healthier, and so on, you will find the highest level of happiness thought possible. Happiness comes from within. Doing the hard things reminds us of this.


Do Hard Things – a list to start you off:

  1. Read daily – for business or for pleasure, you should pick up something informational to read daily
  2. Tell someone you’re close with what you’re grateful for on a daily basis
  3. Take cold showers – prime your nervous system and jump start your day with a crazy rush
  4. Don’t consume added sugar – start by looking at labels regularly
  5. Journal Daily – find a routine that works for you
  6. Don’t consume alcohol regularly – cut it back 30% if it’s regular
  7. Create a personal challenge (join us for a challenge!)
  8. Walk outside daily – rain or shine
  9. Carve out 20-30 minutes to do a workout (APEX has great workouts for you to accomplish this)


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