APEX Adult Fitness (APEX AF) Is HERE!



We’re so excited to announce the NEW, ADULT ONLY fitness sessions at APEX! For those of you that have worked out with us in the past, you know that we’ve had mixed sessions between youth athletes and adults. We’ve been able to restore most of our traction and now have segmented the youth athletes into sport specific programs and have the all new, APEX Adult Fitness (APEX AF)!

You can expect a lot of the same principles as before in these workouts:

– strength training with weights, med balls and resistance bands

– pushing (ex. Shoulder press), pulling (ex. Band single arm row), single leg (ex. Step ups) and double leg (ex. Squat) exercises to train the entire body

– core and cardio exercises to stimulate and challenge the heart rate while also keeping a strong foundation

– balance, stability and mobility exercises

– muscular and cardiovascular endurance to increase VO2 Max and workload capacity

These workouts will be at our NEW, 4 person stations. Each station will have a med ball, a box, APEX mini bands, APEX super bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. The workouts will take place in our turf area, against the wall. With this layout we can still the work the fun, explosive movements to let that frustration out (like med ball wall ball) and also get some functional and athletic movements in on the turf (like sprints or skater jumps).

Our mission is to create healthier communities, and we do that by helping people Champion Their Body. You can expect to get stronger, leaner and develop increased performance so you can enjoy activities you love for longer, more days in a row and longer into your life.

We’ve worked with numerous people for physical therapy and will be incorporating some of the staple exercises to minimize your risk for ankle, knee, hip, back and shoulder pain. We’ve also worked with countless people to assess body composition and VO2 Max, and we are now sharing the best ways to make those improvements, right here, in APEX AF!

We have two options available to experience the PWR of APEX – drop ins or weekly membership. It’s time you take a step towards becoming a Champion of Your Body, and we’re here to take it with you! Click an option below and we look forward to getting started with YOU!

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