August 2021 Outstanding Client

Angela has been a client of ours since February, 2021 and has made great progress each time she has been in. Even with an injury, her success hasn’t stopped! Angela is in her mid-40’s and has several years of weight training experience but it wasn’t until she learned more about her body in the recent years that her progress truly took off. 

After three years of tracking her calories, a ton of trial and error and many mistakes along the way, Angela admits she wished she had the information from her DEXA and RMR sooner to help her with this process. The more information about your body the better! Angela has used her DEXA scan to track her lean and fat tissue changes and the RMR to dial in her nutrition needs. With this information she has been able to reduce body fat while maintaining the muscle mass she has worked so hard for. What amazes me about Angela’s story is her recent back injury required her to make adjustments in her programming but didn’t hinder her progress. She continues to better her body composition with any obstacle that is placed in front of her. Between her first and second scan, Angela was able to decrease her body fat percentage by 4%, dropping her fat tissue by 7 pounds and maintaining her exact lean tissue amount! From her second to third scan, which was only a month apart, she decreased her body fat percentage by 1% all while rehabbing her back injury. Incredible work, Angela! 


Angela’s home gym has been her sancutary during the pandemic. Here she is doing chin-up’s with an additional 25lb weight!

Angela isn’t a nutritionist or fitness coach, she is a working mom who is dedicated to bettering herself everyday. Angela’s top tips for someone who is just getting started based on what has worked for her, is to do it slowly. It takes time and consistency but most importantly don’t beat yourself up for getting off track at times, “keep your eyes on the long-term goal” said Angela. If you get off track for one day or even one week, just get right back to it. Secondly, it takes food to gain muscle. Many beginners are striving for that ‘toned’ look which requires building muscle and reducing body fat and if you aren’t fueling your body properly, that will be hard to achieve. “Building muscle takes time, consistency and getting your nutrition dialed in. You need data to do that efficiently, period”.


Angela’s last tip is SO crucial. “Most folks think getting fit requires doing endless cardio and in my experience and in those that I see that are successful around me, folks would be better served to think of endless lifting weights instead”. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Angela. Take her word for it; weight training, proper nutrition and time are the keys to success. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see where you take this journey next, Angela!


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