July 2021 Outstanding Client

Zach Thornton is a client of ours who recently just crushed his follow up DEXA scan. In January of this year, Zach weighed over 300 pounds and knew it was time to make some changes. The key to his success was a change in his diet. Cutting sugar, alcohol, processed food and intermittent fasting is what got him to where he is today. The recent reintroduction of Ju Jitsu at his brother’s company, Straight Blast Gym, helped keep him active and added to his success.



In March, Zach visited us for his first DEXA scan, and had a body fat percentage of 34.6%. Last week at his follow up scan, he is now at 28.0%. Dropping over 25 pounds of fat tissue while maintaining his lean tissue! In the chart below you can see the exact break down of his changes between both scans. 

Nutrition and consistency play major roles in one’s success and Zach is a perfect example of this. Great work becoming a Champion of Your Body!

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