New In-Network & Self Pay Options

The news some of you have been waiting for is FINALLY HERE! We have two major announcements for our Rehab department, both helping us expand on our mission to create healthier communities by helping people Champion Their Body.

First and foremost, we’re so excited to announce a partnership with Aetna to be an in-network provider. Myself and the APEX Team are striving to be able to help as many people as possible become a Champion of Their Body. Sadly, health care can be a deterrent or inhibitor to receiving the right care or any care. Becoming an in-network partner has been a long time in the making, and now that process is complete!

But, what does this mean for you?


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This means that if you have Aetna health insurance, you can get the best rates possible for physical therapy with us! If you’re uncertain of your plan coverage, no matter the provider, we can help you navigate that and build a plan that is best for you. Just click the link below, fill out the form and we will be in touch. Or, for faster service, you can simply text or call us at 971-294-2669.

Announcement NUMBER TWO in the Rehab Department .. we now have self-pay packages available! As I mentioned above, health insurance providers and each specific plan can be limiting. There are high deductibles, limited number of visits allowed, prior authorization needed, referrals from physicians, limits on how long the care can take, limits on what type of care can be provided and other limiting factors. Wouldn’t be better if you could just come and get EXACTLY what you need for you knee, shoulder, back, ankle, hip, etc without being told by someone at a corporate insurance office what you need? Now you can! We’ve positioned our self-pay options to allow you to be in control of your rehab plan without some third party, with knowledge of you, your body or your goals, saying what can and can’t occur, and they will and won’t cover. 

Self pay is becoming increasingly popular in the physical therapy world because both patients and physical therapists are tired of seeing rehab plans fall short purely by limitations of health insurance. Our new self pay options are here to avoid your health insurance completely, or be a supplement once your care has been deemed “no longer medically necessary”. Dr. Jon and our soon to be growing rehab team, want to deliver you a complete plan of care, even if that means sessions basically turn into personal training. Our goal is to not just have you limp to the finish line, but to be in even better shape and condition than you were before the injury, pain or surgery.

Check out the graphic below for cash pay options. You will now be able to mix and match session types after receiving your initial evaluation and can space out your care accordingly. While most sessions are 45 or 60 minutes, we’ve also included an option to check back in for only 30 minutes, so you can stay on the right track, keep issues at bay and refine any plans moving forward. For inquiries, text or call 971-294-2669 or fill out the form below:

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