Sleep – The Basics

If you’re getting anything less than 6-8hrs of slumber per night, you’re doing yourself a great disservice! Research has been piling up showing the detrimental effects of inadequate amounts of sleep. Fact is, the average person gets less than 6 hours of sleep, and we simply need more! Sleep is crucial for so many things …

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3 Steps To Keto

Yes! It is another blog about Keto! “I’ve had my bulletproof coffee, extra butter on everything and I haven’t even looked at a carb in 4 months.” These kind of comments are always being said when people come see us for their Dexa or RMR. It seems like the majority of people that do come …

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New Utility Player & Personal Trainer – Meet Chris Atkinson

Chris has been a part of Team Apex for nearly three months, joining from Edge Family Fitness in Wilsonville. He brings his extensive and well rounded background in nutrition and fitness to the team. Originally from the United Kingdom, Chris contains an abundance of knowledge that he’s ecstatic to deliver to you. He’s worked, trained …

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Sugar – The Basics

We’re all familiar with the general public’s perception of fat – in that it is generally viewed as being *bad* [for you], and this is a notion that’s deeply engrained in Western societies; so much so that most people won’t even question it. However, let’s consider a different way of viewing carbs, because this is …

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Afraid Of Weights

Afraid of the dark, afraid of scary movies, afraid of weight training? It’s the spooky season so there’s no better time to talk about your fear of picking up some dumbbells. We know there’s a lot of reasons out there, but we wanted to address the three most common fears when it comes to weight …

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