DEXA overview

The DEXA Scan experience at Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is reliable, precise, consistent and the easiest way to collect data about your body without questioning accuracy.

Understand where you’re at! Tracking body fat, lean muscle, visceral fat, and bone density help you get the most efficiency out of your health, nutrition & fitness routine. For people at all ages, a DEXA Scan is a great way to track a variety of body composition measurements. Whether you're rehabbing from a surgery and want to know if you have equal amounts of muscle from leg to leg or arm to arm, fine tuning the body and tracking body fat percentage changes, or aging and curious to know if you have the requisite amount of lean mass in relation to bone in the arms and legs, a DEXA Scan is a great place to start!

Come visit us or we can come to you and make an event out of it! We go onsite to Gyms, Companies and group events!

DEXA Highlights


Covers your internal organs like plaque on teeth. Direct correlation to risk of heart disease, diabetes and cardiovascular issues.


The scale only shows total weight, not what that weight is made up of. Understand how much lean muscle tissue, fat tissue & bone weight you have & track over time - this one is already correct!


Lean muscle tissue is important for everyone of all ages to track. It is the shock absorbers that protect ligaments & joints, helps the body move, and is correlated to better overall health.


We can come straight to your company, gym or event for the convenience of employees, members or participants.

The DEXA Scan Process

Learn what it’s like to get a DEXA with us!

First, please remove all metal before you arrive at our state-of-the-art facility located in Tigard, near Washington Square. After filling out an intake form, we briefly discuss your current health habits, lifestyle and approach to fitness & wellness - which all encompass why you’re coming in for a DEXA Scan. We want to understand your goals so we can provide the best possible feedback to set you up for success. This conversation is typically less than 5 minutes, keeping the appointment short and to the point so you can get back to your active and busy life. The duration of the DEXA scan itself is 5-9 minutes. We print out your results immediately after and walk you through what each number means. For a more in depth assessment, be sure to schedule a consultation with your DEXA Scan!


Health Experts Recommend The DEXA Scan

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) … ended up my favorite, as it is repeatable and offers valuable information besides body fat percentage…

Jennie Cwikla

Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist Strongwoman Competitor CEO Valkyrie Athletics

The convenience of the DEXA Scan alone is enough to outrank the other tools of body composition measurement. Rather than being submerged in water, wearing next to nothing or being pinched with calipers, all you have to do for DEXA Scan is remove metal from the body, any baggy clothing (as it will add to your total weight) and lie on the scanning table for 8-10 minutes. Voila.

Tim Ferriss

New York Times Best Selling Author