You can't track what you don't measure
Kick off your health journey with a DEXA scan

You can't track what you don't measure

Kick off your health journey with a DEXA scan

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Dexa Scan at APEX in
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What is a DEXA SCAN?

The DEXA Scan experience at Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is reliable, precise, consistent and the easiest way to collect data about your body without questioning accuracy. It will tell you exactly where you’re at so you can create a roadmap for change. It’s the gold standard in body composition analysis, recommended by health professionals across the world. If you don’t know where you’re at, you won’t know where you’re going. 

Tracking body fat, lean muscle, visceral fat, and relationship of muscle to bone density help you get the most efficiency out of your health, nutrition & fitness routine. For people at all ages, fitness levels and nutrition programs, a DEXA Scan is a great way to track a variety of body composition measurements. Whether you’re rehabbing from a surgery and want to know if you have equal amounts of muscle from leg to leg or arm to arm, fine-tuning the body and tracking body fat percentage changes, or aging and curious to know if you have the requisite amount of lean mass in relation to bone in the arms and legs, a DEXA Scan is a great place to start!

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Our Portland, Oregon DEXA Scan team is ready to welcome you, no matter what stage of health, wellness or fitness journey you’re on!
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A DEXA Scan takes less than 10 minutes & you will have your results in hand immediately after!
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DEXA Scans provide over 17 touch points of data on your body & we love helping you understand them, make goals and track progress!

Why get a DEXA SCAN?

1. Visceral Fat Analysis – Higher amounts of visceral fat are directly correlated to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues. DEXA Scans can easily detect this fat! This fat is on the inside of your body, covering your vital organs like plaque on teeth. It is only detectable by an MRI, CT Scan or DEXA.

2. Lean Muscle Mass – Higher amounts of lean muscle correlate to a longer lifespan. DEXA Scans are the most accurate way to assess muscle mass. Muscle also supports joints and ligaments, helping decrease injury risk & chronic pain development. It is also important to track muscle to make sure your workouts & nutrition are conducive to building or maintaining muscle and NOT fat.

3. Android to Gynoid Ratio – This is also known as hip to waist ratio. This is commonly done using a tape measure, but a DEXA Scan uses your body fat percentage in these areas, giving you a more accurate and in depth breakdown. As ratios go above 0.85 for women and 0.95 for men, the risk for stroke and heart attack also increase!

4. Body Fat Percentage – BMI has long been an indication of obesity, but it has significant flaws. BMI only uses height and weight in its calculation. This would show an NFL player as obese and a skinnier person with low muscle as in shape. Both examples would have opposite results if using body fat percentage to evaluate. NFL facilities, like the Green Bay Packers, implement DXA Scans to evaluate their athletes more accurately.

5. Limb to Limb Comparison – The DXA Scan shows right arm compared to left arm and right leg compared to left leg. This allows you to identify any imbalances and potential compensation patterns you might have. It also is great to assess recovery from a major surgery like an ACL tear, Achilles rupture or Rotator Cuff surgery.

FAQ about DEXA Scans at APEX in Portland, Oregon:

There is a weight limit of 350 lbs for the DEXA Scan equipment.

If you are over the weight capacity, and still looking for data on your body, the Resting Metabolic Rate test is a great way to learn your metabolism and start making progress until you can do the DEXA!

The DEXA Scan itself will take 7-10 minutes, depending on your total mass.

Yes, absolutely! A lot of people schedule both the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test & DEXA Scan. The tests are performed back to back, with results in your hand immediately afterward. The combination of a DEXA Scan with an RMR Test will give you the answers on how much to eat to reach your body composition goals AND accurately track the results over time.

This depends on each person, their goals and approach after the first DEXA Scan. For those making a big change in both diet and fitness, especially if paying for a nutritionist and/or personal trainer, the check in frequency is typically closer. This can be as early as one month after the first DEXA Scan or up to three months. Some people utilize the DEXA Scan as an annual check in on their body composition to see how results have been maintained. We discuss this in person with you after your first DEXA Scan and give you our best recommendation.

Wear comfortable athletic clothing WITH NO metal. Metal will interrupt the DEXA scan. If you have metal in your body from an operation, that is OKAY and will not affect your DEXA Scan results! We just want to limit metal, it will not harm you or the DXA scan in any way.

Yes, you can, DEXA Scans are not impeded by food intake.

YOU BET! Caffeine doesn’t impact the results of your DEXA Scan.

DEXA Scans at APEX in Portland, Oregon cost $127 per scan. The cost for a DEXA Scan decreases if you combine it with another test like the VO2 Max or RMR.

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