The DEXA Scan experience at Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is reliable, precise, consistent and the easiest way to collect data about your body without questioning accuracy.

Understand where you’re at! Tracking body fat, lean muscle, visceral fat, and bone density help you get the most efficiency out of your health, nutrition & fitness routine. For people at all ages, a DEXA Scan is a great way to track a variety of body composition measurements. Whether you’re rehabbing from a surgery and want to know if you have equal amounts of muscle from leg to leg or arm to arm, fine tuning the body and tracking body fat percentage changes, or aging and curious to know if you have the requisite amount of lean mass in relation to bone in the arms and legs, a DEXA Scan is a great place to start!

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Learn why you should be tracking body composition:

1. Visceral Fat Analysis – Higher amounts of visceral fat are directly correlated to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues. This fat is on the inside of your body, covering your vital organs like plaque on teeth. It is only detectable by an MRI, CT Scan or DEXA.
2. Lean Muscle Mass – Higher amounts of lean muscle correlate to a longer lifespan. Muscle also supports joints and ligaments, helping decrease injury risk & chronic pain development. It is also important to track muscle to make sure your workouts & nutrition are conducive to building or maintaining muscle and NOT fat.
3. Android to Gynoid Ratio – This is also known as hip to waist ratio. This is commonly done using a tape measure, but a DEXA uses your body fat percentage in these areas, giving you a more accurate and in depth breakdown. As ratios go above 0.85 for women and 0.95 for men, the risk for stroke and heart attack also increase!
4. Body Fat Percentage – BMI has long been an indication of obesity, but it has significant flaws. BMI only uses height and weight in its calculation. This would show an NFL player as obese and a skinnier person with low muscle as in shape. Both examples would have opposite results if using body fat percentage to evaluate.
5. Limb to Limb Comparison – The DXA Scan shows right arm compared to left arm and right leg compared to left leg. This allows you to identify any imbalances and potential compensation patterns you might have. It also is great to assess recovery from a major surgery like an ACL tear, Achilles rupture or Rotator Cuff surgery.

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Learn what it’s like to get a DEXA at Apex:

Our state-of-the-art fitness, body testing and physical therapy facility is located in Tigard, near Washington Square, just off highway 217. Upon arrival, there is a one page intake form. We will briefly discuss why you’re coming in for a DEXA Scan, your current health habits, and goals. We want to understand your “why” for investing in your health so we can provide the best possible feedback to set you up for success. After checking in at the front desk, we will proceed to your body composition scan. The duration of the DEXA scan is 7-10 minutes. We print out your results immediately after and walk you through what each number means on the report. You will leave with an understanding of your report, how to read it, and receive a digital PDF to your email inbox shortly after. Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes. For a more in depth assessment, be sure to schedule a consultation with your DEXA Scan! The Resting Metabolic Rate Test is also frequently added to DEXA appointments so people can understand how many calories they burn, the speed of their metabolism and how much to eat to reach their goals


Discover More About Your Body:

1. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test – This test is the most common addition to DEXA Scan appointments. An RMR Test takes 10 minutes & is performed lying down, fully relaxed, breathing into a tube. The results are immediate, showing speed of metabolism, how many calories you burn throughout the day at rest, and how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, maintain or build. This will give you the answers you need to improve on your DEXA results.
2. Consultation – If you’re looking for a more in depth analysis of your results, this addition is perfect for you. It is most commonly bought for people that are starting a brand new journey and would like a little more guidance. We will reveal the top tips that have been working for people getting multiple scans. This includes both fitness & nutrition approaches.
3. VO2 Max Test – This test is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. More importantly, higher scores are directly correlated to a longer lifespan. VO2 Max results also breakdown how many calories you burn in 4 different heart rate training zones, so you can train more efficiently with the time you have.
4. Athlete Assessment – 45 minutes 1-on-1 with a doctor of physical therapy. Not only is Dr. Romick, DPT, up to date on the latest research & cutting edge techniques, she was a former national champion softball player who lives a very active lifestyle. Identify your weaknesses, eliminate your pain & get a plan in place to improve all around

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Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) … ended up my favorite, as it is repeatable and offers valuable information besides body fat percentage…

Jennie Cwikla

The convenience of the DEXA Scan alone is enough to outrank the other tools of body composition measurement. Rather than being submerged in water, wearing next to nothing or being pinched with calipers, all you have to do for DEXA Scan is remove metal from the body, any baggy clothing (as it will add to your total weight) and lie on the scanning table for 8-10 minutes. Voila

Tim Ferriss



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