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What is a Fitness Consultation with APEX?

Welcome to the #1 Fitness Consultation in Portland, Oregon. Here at APEX, we will help you unlock the results you’ve been looking for from years of data and research that has already been tested and proven. In the Fitness Consultation, We will spend one hour, 1-on-1 (or 2-on-1 if you’d like to come with a friend, spouse, or coworker), with a personal trainer who will also be your accountability coach. We will cover A LOT during the fitness consultation, so you can leave feeling confident, motivated and armed with a plan that will work. The fitness consultation will begin with goal setting so we can understand where you want to go in your fitness journey. That could be weight loss, fat loss, build muscle, increase endurance, something else or a combination. 

During the fitness consultation, we will create a workout program that is customized to your goals, fitness experience, available equipment, and available time to workout. We will also set up daily tasks so you can more easily track and maintain consistency, and build new habits to improve your lifestyle.

We go into detail on our Top 5 Tips That Get Results. These include discussions about sugar, processed foods, alcohol intake, the efficacy of fasting, and resistance training. All of which we have seen our clients in the past achieve and maintain results with. The Fitness Consultation in Portland, Oregon, is more about lifestyle choices, vs calories and cardio. We will help you find the happy medium that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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Why get a Fitness Consultation in Portland, Oregon?

1. Start Your Fitness & Health Journey with Measurable Goals – During your fitness assessment, you begin with goal setting and physically writing down your goals, with your coach as a witness. The more you discuss them and share your goals with your coach, the more likely you will be to accomplish your goals.

2. Track progress with your coach – With your fitness consultation, you automatically get someone from the APEX Team as your accountability coach. This will bring someone from outside of your circle into your life to hold you accountable and keep you on track when motivation begins to lack.

3. Not sure where to start? – Our coaches will walk you through all the best approaches to set goals, create a plan and help you then reach your goals. Starting fitness & health is hard work, and can be daunting when faced alone. That is why we’re here, to help you put your best foot forward.

4. Personalized Workout Programming – Your coach will create a customized plan for exercise based on your equipment, time available & ability level. During the consultation, your coach will walk you through that workout so you understand the exercises, rest intervals, progressions, etc. You will also be walked through a dynamic warm up, which can be done daily. There is huge importance stressed on warm ups, and off-day routines

5. Nutritional Guidance – Nutrition is such a hard thing to dial in. There are so many crazes and fads, that it becomes difficult to sift through it all. During the fitness consultation in Portland, Oregon, your coach will focus on habits, food choices and best approaches for overall longevity in lifestyle changes. It’s more about quality of food, habits and education behind nutrition, rather than an extreme diet or approach.

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