Apex Performance

Facility Overview

Apex Performance is where you can Champion Your Body. We have teams that train together to take their game to the next level, VIP memberships available and tone and sculpt classes to burn fat and build lean muscle. We accompany our performance training with data from the gold standard in body composition (DEXA Scan), VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing. You can’t know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you started!

We offer a state of the art facility with over 2,000 square feet of turf, where you can put your cleats on (if you would like) and get to work, and another 1,000+ square feet of functional and strength training space. Our lifting area includes a brand new rack and rig from Gronkowski Fitness, suitable for all - elite athletes to those new to fitness. Check out the video below to get a feel for the space!


We offer a range of performance services to help you become a Champion of Your Body.


Individual athlete, small group or team, we have the tools and space to help you become a Champion


Burn fat, build lean muscle and achieve the body composition you’ve been searching for with high tempo, efficient classes


Attaching data to your cardiovascular endurance and metabolism is critical to understanding your body and progress


We reserve a limited amount of memberships for the hard working, dedicated and highly motivated individual so they can Champion Their Body

Resting Metabolic Rate

Fast metabolism or slow metabolism? It’s all a guess until you quantify it with a Resting Metabolic Rate test. This test takes less than 20 minutes and is done sitting down. Results are shared immediately afterward so you can begin implementing the new information. An RMR test can track slowed metabolism, which can help those that are feeling frustrated over weight gain or hitting a plateau. This test is especially useful prior to implementing a new diet or training program so you can see where you started and the effects of exercise and proper nutrition. Without knowing where you started, you can’t know how far you’ve come! Understand where your metabolism is and schedule your RMR test. You can also couple this test with a VO2 Max Test and/or a DEXA Scan!


VO2 Max

Understanding exactly what your cardiovascular endurance is and your optimal training zones are imperative for to burn fat, decrease risk of injury, and track progress. It’s time to work smarter, so your hard work can be efficiently exerted. A VO2 Max test takes 6-20 minutes to complete, and the results are available immediately afterward. You will discover your target training zones that are unique to you, as opposed to looking at standard chart in a gym that is solely based off height and weight. Now knowing this, you can train your body within its threshold to more efficiently burn fat while avoiding injury. For you Orangetheory members, a VO2 Max test increases heart rate monitor efficiency by 40%! Get your test today and begin tracking your cardiovascular endurance!


Tone & Sculpt

Burn fat, tone the entire body and feel great doing it!

We have the data from countless DEXA Scan results to show the most efficient way to burn fat, tone and sculpt the body. With the answers in hand, we want to help you reach your fitness goals FAST. With an energetic, high tempo, and positive environment our tone & sculpt classes are a great way to jumpstart or continue your fitness journey. Inquire about availability below, or to discuss a private group class.


Performance Training

Athlete development isn’t just lifting weights, nor is it just agility training. Implementing data, functional training, movement assessments, along with weights and agility comprise the total athlete. The Apex team has insights into top tier NFL training programs, fitness and health data, and an experienced team to provide you with the tools needed to take your athleticism to the next level. It’s time to go from a player to a Champion. Inquire today for yourself, a small group or entire team.


VIP Membership

Tired of 24 Hour Fitness and seeing a bunch of people standing around in the gym on their phones doing nothing? So are we! Our VIP memberships are exclusively reserved for hard working, dedicated and highly motivated individuals that want to Champion Their Body. We provide a workout of the day that can be as advanced as an NFL offseason workout, but modified for those not as experienced or coming off an injury. Are you ready to challenge yourself, push the pace and become an Apex Predator? We’re ready for you!