COVID 19 Update – Oregon Governor Kate Brown has now allowed group fitness classes to resume – are you ready to join us?! We now have multiple class types, ranging from beginner to athlete. Check out the options down below!

Performance is where most people spend their time becoming a Champion of Their Body. Our Performance Team is headlined by former NFL Tight End Jeron Mastrud who has had the privilege of training under some of the nation’s most elite strength and conditioning coaches. 

Along with athletes, we’ve also had the opportunity to work with a wide range of people, just like you, in our wellness department and have seen which fitness approaches yield the best results in decreasing fat, increasing muscle mass and improving body composition. This data, information and knowledge is now available for you so you can Champion Your Body – either in person, or online with us!

We have teams that train together to take their game to the next level, group training and personal training. We offer a state of the art facility with over 2,000 square feet of turf, where you can put your cleats on (if you would like) and get to work, and another 1,000+ square feet of functional and strength training space. Our lifting area includes a brand new rack and rig from Gronkowski Fitness, suitable for all – elite athletes to those new to fitness. Check out the video below to get a feel for the space!

Membership at APEX

We work with a wide range of people to help them elevate their fitness. View the different class types we have available below. These are available both in person and online in APEX365.

Each workout touches on our four pillars of fitness: strength, endurance (both muscular & cardiovascular), mobility (and stability), & neuromuscular re-education (balance, agility, proprioception). Whether you’re new to weight & resistance training, a developing athlete, professional athlete or just like to get a good workout on the weekend, these workouts are sure to get you the results you’re looking for. 

We’ve had the privilege of evaluating body composition on thousands of people and have the insight of what programs are the most efficient for building muscle, shedding fat, fixing imbalances, and increasing VO2 Max. Our goal is to help you Champion Your Body and learn the basics of fitness. That way, you can continue (or maintain) your progress wherever life takes you.

We are rolling our classes back out after being shut down by COVID19. There are three options to workout with us: Drop In (one class), Membership (1x/week to unlimited), or APEX365 (online workouts).

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APEX Group Workout Options

Length: 30 mins
Equipment: Bodyweight (option bands or weight)
For: New to fitness, getting back into workouts, building a solid foundation of movement
Length: 30 mins
Equipment: Bands, Bodyweight (optional weights)
For: HIIT, Muscular Endurance, Cardio Fitness
Length: 50 mins
Equipment: All
For: Athletes, increasing performance

Online Programs - APEX365

To achieve our mission of creating healthier communities, we now offer online programs so you can Champion Your Body wherever life takes you. Whether you live in a rural area, across the country or around the world, daily workouts, a private community with 24/7 access, and constant bonuses and challenges are just a few of the things you can find inside the PWR Portal.

This is fast paced, high energy, and only requires a set of mini bands & super bands. This is great for people low on time, looking to take a break from days of weight training, or need a simple workout to begin with or do on the go.

The main thing here is that APEX365 offers a program for anyone, anywhere, every day, so you have no excuse to let your fitness slip!

Personal Training

We are back open for personal training and taking new clients!

Are you looking for individualized and custom programming under a watchful eye? Are you nervous about group training or new to weight or resistance training? Then our personal training options are a great fit for you! We offer both 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 programs so you can keep it private or train with a friend, coworker or family member. We offer single sessions for people looking to get attention and make sure they’re doing things right. We also offer discounts on packages of 8, 12, 24 or 48 sessions. Our personal trainers have experience working with a wide range of people with a wide range of goals. No matter who you are, your fitness background or where you want to go, our trainers are excited to help you Champion Your Body.

Athlete Recovery

This class is currently not offered due to COVID19 restrictions, but we have online offerings available to help you decrease injury risk, recover and stay ready for competition.

Recovery is an integral part of becoming a Champion of Your Body. If you’re not taking the right steps to recovery, your performance will diminish. We offer an Athlete Recovery session every Saturday for athletes and active adults to reset their body, focus on the often overlooked details and get ready for another week of workouts, practice and/or competition. While there are many awesome recovery tools and techniques available (cryotherapy, Normatec, percussion therapy, cupping, etc), nothing replaces moving your own body.
This 50 minute workout features a thorough dynamic warm up, band activation and yoga flow. Balance drills, core strengthening and body control are a focus throughout the workout. There will also be light strength training, isometrics and resistance band exercises. Reset and recover your body like a pro and join us on Saturdays for this one-of-a-kind session.

Corporate Wellness

Whether your company is small or large, sedentary or active, younger or older, we can co-create a custom offering to make an impact on the productivity, health and happiness of your workforce. We love to host companies, divisions & teams within large corporations for any combination of what we offer in our space. We love to provide unique experiences that bring your team together, elevate and bring awareness to health, wellness & fitness – while having FUN!

Don’t let COVID19 slow down your organization’s health & wellness program. We have virtual & online offerings ready for teams of all sizes to stay active, motivated and trending in the right direction.

Reach out to us with the form on the contact page, or give us a call, and let’s co-create the best solution for your organization!


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