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Physical Therapy For ACL Rehab

ACL rehab is extensive, and if not done correctly, can lead to recurring knee injuries and problems in the future. Common scenarios in which the ACL is torn are non-contact injuries – such as change of direction in a sport or slipping on a wet surface.The ACL can also be torn by contact injuries in sports or other activities where a force too strong to withstand meets the knee and forces the ACL to stretch and tear.

Recovery time for an ACL can take longer than a year. We utilize tools, expertise and knowledge to get patients back to full health, stronger than before, in as fast as possible. 

How we approach ACL Rehab

  • Restoring range of motion 
  • Improving quad strength & power
  • Landing, cutting & change of direction to test ACL rehab
  • Individualized strengthening program
  • Stretching & mobility program based on evaluation
  • Progressive endurance training needed for work and/or recreational activities
  • Manual Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation to enhance quad activity
  • Return to sport or athletic progressions

Avoiding Surgery

It is our belief that we should do all we can before ever getting surgery. While there is obvious instances in which surgery is required, we strive to provide excellent physical therapy with the hopes to minimize risk of re-injury, and helping to avoid future surgical intervention.

Physical therapy can help to avoid surgery. It strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles, which are key in protecting the body. PT is also a cost-effective approach as opposed  to a costly surgery. We are confident we help reduce risk of future injury & surgical intervention by educating you during your time with us. Knowledge that you can take with you for years to come.

If our experienced physical therapists do not see progress with your injury, they will refer you to our trusted physicians and work with you pre and post op for the best outcome.

10 Reasons to choose APEX PWR
as your Partner In Physical Therapy

  • Patient Education

    We strongly believe that the level of education a patient receives determines the level of success the patient will obtain. Not only during care, but long after their care with us.

  • Results Driven

    Our job is not complete until a patient is pain free, confident and optimistic about their future. If we aren't seeing results, we continue to refine the plan so we can get the results our patient is after.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    If the patient is not satisfied, neither are we. During care, we will co-create a program that meets the clients needs, they are comfortable with, and which they feel confident is right for them.

  • Latest Research

    We are members of the orthopedic section of the American Physical Therapy Association and practice according to evidence-based research.

  • Athlete Mindset

    As former athletes, we all agree that mindset is a major player in performance. We apply those beliefs to the physical, mental and emotional part of physical therapy, helping patients develop a positive mindset.

  • Insurance & Cash Options

    We accept all major insurances as well as medicare and medicaid. Cash options are for those with poor benefits that would like a customized scope of care without limitations from insurance.

  • Return to Sport & Activity

    Returning to Activity is a huge gap that is missing in patient care in physical therapy. We have group and personal training options to help bridge the gap after the patient is discharged, ensuring a smart return to activity.

  • Availability

    We provide great flexibility, with early mornings and late afternoons, with weekends as well. We never want to miss a chance to help someone start their path to overcoming an injury, chronic pain or surgery rehab.

  • Active Approach

    We always start with a thorough assessment. Then, using latest research and a cautious approach, the PT team works to get patients on their feet, building strength to overcome injury AND minimize future risk of re-injury.

  • Community

    The strength of APEX is in the community - we are all here to help build each other up, and conquer goals TOGETHER! We find that a strong community makes obtaining health and PT goals easier!

How our Whole Body Approach separates us from the rest

To us, physical therapy is not just about the patient’s 30-60 minutes with us per session. It goes far beyond that when it comes to long term health, and overall happiness. We have built a health and wellness clinic that includes Performance, Wellness & Rehab. Here’s how we help patients CHAMPION THEIR BODY!

  • Building Sustainable Habits

    Often, we find that our patients are in here because they let their health fall to the wayside. Injury & chronic pain come as a result. During the patient's time with us, we work on building healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits that will REDUCE injury risk, improve overall health and lead to a happier, healthier life.

  • Positive Lifestyle Changes

    Lifestyle changes include nutrition, exercise, sleep 'hygiene,' personal self-care, stress management, and more. Physical therapy at APEX includes diving into all of these aspects to help form a lifestyle that is conducive to lasting health. Our patients love that we go deeper than the physical and help in all aspect of their health.

  • Wellness Testing for PT Patients

    From 2014-2016 we saw a trend - patients developed pain and then gained weight OR they became overweight, tried to exercise and developed pain. We wanted to help patients understand more about their body, and to avoid other side effects of injury (ie biopsychosocial and psychosomatic). We introduced the wellness tests to reveal useful data and metrics on the patient's body, and to further educate them so they could improve their lifestyle through personalized data.

  • APEX365 & Our Virtual Offerings

    Bridging the gap for our patients post-care was one thing, but we wanted to also make everything we do more convenient to our community, so we created APEX365 & our Virtual Offerings. These are online workouts, training and coaching, as well as physical therapy. So we can be a resource wherever our patients go!

Virtual Physical Therapy

Implementing virtual Physical Therapy (telehealth) into a patients plan of care teaches them to be autonomous, and learn how to care for their body in the comfort of their own home, on a business trip, or elsewhere. It is convenience and care combined into one.

Patients can go exclusively virtual or mix it in as an option when the schedule is busy and they can’t make it across town. 

For the busy, traveling worker, virtual physical therapy has shown great benefit. Especially when the care is for an injury that is worsened when working – think sitting in a car for hours, and having pain while being seated, or standing up from seated. Having virtual physical therapy allows our team to be with our patients wherever they go to minimize pain and actually improve their situation even while away from home.

“It’s like having a PT in my living room – I love that I can get outstanding care for my body even when my schedule is busy and I can’t physically make it in.”

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