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New injury while competing to be the best on the field or court? Recurring or nagging pain that’s limiting you from taking your workouts up a notch? We have you covered! Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jaydee Romick, is a former softball National Champion and able to work with and relate to the most elite athletes, while still being able to work with adults just looking to stay healthy. She brings a positive attitude, aggressive and team oriented approach that’s custom to each patient’s unique injury or pain. At the new Apex PWR facility, we have more tools and offerings that can be combined to rapidly aid in your recovery. Whether it’s manual therapy, other tool mediated massage (ex. Cupping therapy), or functional exercise, we have a plan to help you Champion Your Body and overcome pain or injury.


We offer a range of rehab services to help you become a Champion of Your Body


Don’t let an injury keep you sidelined - get back in the game with our athlete minded team!


Conquer your pain with a friendly, knowledgeable Team and the array of techniques and services we have available to assist you


Minimize your risk of injury before, during and after the season so you can’t be stopped!


After putting an end to the pain, continue to build strength and confidence as you return to sport/activity

Apex Ascent

Overcoming an injury or chronic pain is only one step in the rehab process. Our Apex Ascent program is for those that feel relatively pain free, but still lack the overall confidence, strength or ability to perform at the level required to be a championship athlete. The Apex team is full of state and national champion athletes, so we know exactly what you’re going through. This program is a way for you to stay in the building and continue to build strength with our brand new, top of the line, Gronk Fitness equipment, test out your footwork on our state-of-the-art turf, all under the watchful of eye of a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We will have a program outlined for you, from warm up to cool down, that you can perform on your own and ask any questions of our team. Continue to climb the mountain in your journey and join the Apex Ascent program today. One monthly payment for 8 visits per month (2x per week) that will save you on your health insurance bills!


Sports Injury

Athletes have a short window to get recruited and earn a college scholarship. The entire high school sports experience is a short time itself - don’t spend precious days, weeks or months hobbled up on the sidelines watching your friends and teammates have all the fun. We work with sports injuries of all kinds from neck and shoulder, to the hand and wrist, to the ankle and feet. If your injury just happened today or last night, or has been lingering for some time, don’t wait any longer to get it addressed. A Doctor of Physical Therapy doesn’t require referral from a doctor and, in most cases, is able to tell if you have a tear to a ligament. Rather than wait for the next available X-Ray, MRI or doctor, schedule a visit today to take your rehab process into your own hands and stop wasting time!


Chronic Pain

Did you know 1 in 3 Americans will develop Low Back Pain in their life?! As you can see, chronic pain is almost inevitable for most people. Rather than allow it to limit or defeat you, let’s attack it together so you can Champion Your Body and get back to the active lifestyle you love. The outdoor, active and sport culture in the Pacific Northwest is strong, and we want you to be able to enjoy everything there is to offer. Whether you have a chronic knee pain from an ACL surgery in the past, plantar fasciitis developing from intense Orangetheory Fitness workouts, or a frozen shoulder that keeps you from CrossFit, we can work with you to have you feeling pain free, STRONG & CONFIDENT. We first seek to understand your background and goals, then develop a specific plan that works for best for you. We want to create a sustainable change that allows you to be a champion in any workout you desire. Get the relief you deserve


Injury Prevention

Injuries are an afterthought...until they happen to you! Good news, you can limit and minimize your risk of injury! Most athletes and active people are unaware of a weakness, deficiency or compensation pattern. Even the smallest discrepancy can expose a major injury. For example, under active glutes can lead to less control of the knee joint, creating a bigger risk for ACL tear. We offer movement screenings and fitness assessments that can be done in under 30 minutes, and reveal the unique way your body operates. We can then create a plan of action to correct these issues so you’re firing on all cylinders and using your body to its fullest potential. Minimize your risk for injury and set yourself up to be a Champion of Your Body, on and off the field (or court)!


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Health Insurance

The world of health insurance can be VERY confusing, but that’s why we’re here to help! We can assist you in navigating your benefits to see what your deductible is, physical therapy visit limit, and out of pocket maximum. Knowing this information allows us (and you) to see what each visit will cost. Let us help you maximize your coverage and Champion Your Body.