It can be tough to Champion Your Body when you sustain a new injury, deal with chronic pain or are undergoing surgery. Physical therapy and sports injury rehabilitation is a critical element towards Championing Your Body. Our physical therapy approach is rooted with an athlete mindset & results driven to deliver YOU the superior performance you’re looking for. Whether you have an acute injury, are dealing with chronic pain, or want to reduce your injury risk, our rehab team has you covered! We see anyone from young athletes at early as 10 years old, to active adults as old as 85, because everyone is part of creating a healthier community.

Our rehab team is comprised of doctors of physical therapy with backgrounds in various sports and active lifestyles. Our goal is to partner with you to achieve your ultimate goal(s), and bring the knowledge and expertise to your unique case. At the new Apex PWR facility, we have more tools and offerings that can be combined to rapidly aid in your recovery AND allow for sustainable results. On top of getting you the relief you come for, we aim to educate you so you’re able to Champion Your Body, wherever life takes you. Whether it’s hands on techniques, or functional exercise, we have a plan to help you Champion Your Body and overcome pain or injury.

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Educational Videos

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Watch our latest videos to help improve your lower body in a variety ways! These exercises are simple and should be implemented into your routine, 3-4 times per week. 
If you’re looking for a physical therapy evaluation to determine if these exercises are right for you, give us a call or fill out the form to the right. We accept health insurance for both in person and virtual visits!

Athlete Assessment

Whether you’re a current athlete, former athlete or just want help bringing out the inner athlete in you, this session is perfect for you. Spend 45 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in a custom session, assessing your body from head to toe. If a focus on certain areas is needed (because we know how those old injuries and surgeries can linger), more time can be spent on those areas. Or you can request a more comprehensive physical therapy evaluation right away by clicking here.

After understanding your story and starting point, we set goals and put a plan in place to reach them. Daily contributions towards these goals are what turn athletes of any kind into champions. We will also give a prescription for exercise to conclude the assessment. Strength training reduces injury risk by nearly 70%, if you aren’t strength training… you can’t Champion Your Body!


Come Champion Your Body at Apex – schedule your Athlete Assessment today! You can also pair this with a DEXA Scan, RMR Test and/or VO2 Max Test

Physical Therapy Evaluation

At the new Apex PWR facility, we have the tools and offerings that can be combined to rapidly aid in your recovery and empower you to Champion Your Body.

Our physical therapy team utilizes an athlete mindset that’s results driven to help you achieve superior performance. We first seek to understand your background and goals, then develop a specific plan that works best for you. We strive to create a sustainable change that allows you to be a Champion in any workout you desire. Get the relief you deserve, don’t allow pain to limit or defeat you, let’s attack it together so you can Champion Your Body, and get back to the active lifestyle you love.

The outdoor, active and sport culture in the Pacific Northwest is strong, and we want you to be able to enjoy everything there is to offer. Whether you have a chronic knee pain from an ACL surgery in the past, plantar fasciitis developing from intense Orangetheory Fitness workouts, or a frozen shoulder that keeps you from CrossFit, we can work with you and provide the tools & knowledge to become pain free, STRONG & CONFIDENT. We put the power in your hands so you can become a Champion of your Body.

Champion Checkup

Why check on your teeth twice per year, but not your own physical health? Our Champion Checkup features a 30 minute, 1-on-1 assessment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We believe in prioritizing your health, because without it, we truly have nothing. Check in on your body, get a tune up, and be primed for exercise. Identify problematic pre-injury markers, avoid chronic issues and surgeries down the road.
Stop putting your health on hold and invest in yourself now to avoid larger costs later, both physically and financially.

You will be put through a functional movement screen to identify strengths and weaknesses, and be given suggestions and prescriptions for exercise to continue to build strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Strength Training reduces injury risk by nearly 70%! Which is important at EVERY age. We will put a custom plan in place for you so you can Champion Your Body, starting today!

Return To Sport or Activity

The founders of APEX PWR were all collegiate athletes and experienced injuries throughout their careers. While physical therapy got them back into the game, the transition back into their sport was more difficult. This is why they created APEX Ascent!  

APEX Ascent is utilized by our physical therapy patients to continue to “Champion Their Body” under our roof. Having your previous injury in mind, we’ve created a collaborative program between our Rehab and Performance teams. This program will focus on rebuilding the 4 essential pillars of fitness: strength, endurance, mobility and neuromuscular re-education.

Ascent classes are one hour long. It begins with a dynamic warm up, mobility, and band work and transitions to strength, endurance, and agility training. These workouts strive to deliver results, as well as give you tools to implement at practices, tournaments, or traveling on the road.

Due to recent government restrictions, this class is currently only offered at 7am and 3:30pm, Monday through Thursday. 

We work with middle school, high school, college, pro and former athletes – or those who just want to bring out their inner athlete and become a Champion of Their Body. Visit our Ascent page or click the link below to enroll.

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The world of health insurance can be VERY confusing, but that’s why we’re here to help! We can assist you in navigating your benefits to see what your deductible is, physical therapy visit limit, and out of pocket maximum. Knowing this information allows us (and you) to see what each visit will cost. Let us help you maximize your coverage and Champion Your Body.

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