Apex Ascent Program - Athletes Returning from Sports Injuries

Apex Ascent Program – for Athletes Returning from Sports Injuries!

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Bridging the gap from sports injury rehab to return to sport

Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is excited to finally announce the launch of the Apex Ascent Program. This program is here for athletes to bridge the gap from sports injury, surgery rehab, or physical therapy back into working out, practice and playing games. Restoring confidence is tough for athletes, especially when an injury is sustained during play. Apex Ascent is designed by both the Rehab Team and the Performance Team at Apex, to give you the best of both worlds. The Rehab Team is headed by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jaydee Romick. She is also a former National Champion softball player. The Performance Team is headed by Jeron Mastrud, who is a former NFL Tight End. Both Jeron and Jaydee had sports injuries and surgeries of their own in their playing careers. Channeling those experiences and what they wished they had, Apex Ascent was born!

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Conquer your sports injury rehab with the Ascent Program.

Sports Injuries SUCK!

Athletes and Active Adults – sports injuries and athletic injuries are never fun. Being sidelined from your favorite sport, not putting in the work in the gym with your friends, and feeling like a piece of you is missing. If you’re an athlete or active adult, you know what we’re talking about! Dealing with the injury is one thing, but overcoming it mentally is completely different aspect. Apex Ascent is designed to address this issue.

What is the focus of Apex Ascent?

Whether you’ve sustained a sprained ankle, separated shoulder, or coming off a lengthy ACL surgery rehab, Ascent can help you return to top form. It’s also great to pair with an existing weight training or strength & conditioning program. Here are the four cornerstones of the program:

—> Strength (starting with the core)

—> Mobility (flexibility & range of motion)

—> Endurance (muscular & cardiovascular)

—> Neuromuscular Re-education (balance, proprioception & agility)

Strong Muscles Support

Strength is critical for athletes of all kinds. Strong muscles support the joints and ligaments and act as shock absorbers. They also help generate more force, making you a faster and more explosive athlete. Sports injuries can occur because of a weak (or weaker) muscle group. After identifying compensation patterns, down regulated (or less active) muscle groupings and other weaknesses through physical therapy, we continue to address them in Ascent. The first place we start building strength is the core. The core is the foundation to the body and athletic performance. The next posterior kinetic chain is also addressed heavily. We mix weights of all different kinds (dumbbells, barbell, medicine ball, kettlebell, etc) with resistance training and band work.

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Male & Female athletes of all sports need strength to overcome sports injury

Mobility & Flexibility

Strong muscles also need to be mobile across all planes of movement. They need to be able to bend and function throughout full range of motion. This helps prep them for the variability that all sports present. Mobility is often minimized or overlooked in most strength and conditioning programs. Apex Ascent offers a dedicated timeframe to hone in and focus on this vital aspect of athletic performance and fully recovering from sports injuries.

Endurance 2 Ways

Conditioning is never pleasant, but is vital for athletes. Most people think cardiovascular when they hear the term conditioning, but it also applies to the muscular system. Athletic and sports related injuries occur more frequently when the body becomes fatigued. While athletes may be feeling pain free with a full range of motion, it is important that the conditioning is present to avoid re-inuring. Athletes also have probably been sidelined from their sport, losing some of the conditioning they once had. Apex Ascent includes multiple conditioning periods to address both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Athletes have to be able to perform when the game is on the line!

Sports Injuries Need Neuro Re-Ed

Now that the pain is gone from an injury and you’re feeling ready to return, it’s important to revisit some of the basics that your sport demands. Balance, proprioception and agility and critical in all sports. Apex Ascent incorporates a variety of movements that target these three components of neuromuscular re-education. Taking time away from your sports fundamentals should never be underestimated. That’s why we focus on these little components during Ascent to ensure a great return.

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Neuromuscular Re-education is critical while returning to sport from a recent sports injury

How Can I Start?

Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab offers Ascent classes daily. You may sign up for 2, 3 or 4 visits per week, whichever fits your schedule and needs best. To sign up, give us a call, 503-941-0232. You can also discuss via email, Team(at)ApexPWR(dot)com. Visit the Rehab Page to learn more. You can also check out this video: https://youtu.be/rCOXt9urRAE