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Dr. Jaydee Romick is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and can treat a wide range of sports injuries and chronic pain that inevitably ensues from an active lifestyle

Quick Facts about Jaydee, your physical therapist:

Jaydee is a native Oregonian, growing up in Damascus, and attending Barlow High School. She went on to star at Linfield College on the softball team, where she helped the Wildcats win a National Championship and appear in two other title games. After graduation, she attended George Fox University to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While attending GFU, she earned the award, Innovation in Practice. Jaydee combines her innovative mindset, positive attitude, and athletic background to provide you a comprehensive care plan.

Tired of Reading? Watch the video to learn more about Jaydee Romick, Doctor of physical therapy

Get to know the best physical therapist for athletes and their sports injuries & adults and their active lifestyles

What does Jaydee bring to the table?

A wife, daughter, sister, friend, athlete and doctor of physical therapy. Jaydee is passionate about health, wellness and fitness. She brings compassion for others, an ability to listen and an active lifestyle of her own to be able to relate to her patients and get them the relief they deserve. She frequently challenges her own fitness with a variety of exercises, movements and conditioning. You can find her throwing some weight around a gym near you (usually Apex), running the streets (watch out Hood to Coast!) and spreading love throughout the community.

Champion Your Body

Dr. Jaydee Romick, DPT, believes in a whole body, sustainable approach. With this in mind, her goal isn’t just to eliminate the pain from a sports injury of chronic pain, but to make sure the risk for recurrence is minimized. An injury or chronic pain can occur for a variety of reasons. Dr. Romick understands that and works with you 1-on-1 to make sure all deficiencies are addressed and your body is bulletproof. She also likes to utilize other resources that Apex PWR has, such as DEXA Scans, RMR testing and VO2 Max testing. These tests display a variety of info that can have an impact on your injury risk.

Want to work with Jaydee?

Are you tired of dealing with an ongoing ache or chronic pain? Have previous attempts at physical therapy left you high and dry? Or, have you recently sustained a sports injury or ailment from your active lifestyle? No matter the cause, Jaydee is happy to help you become a Champion of Your Body. She has a breadth of knowledge, variety of tools at her disposal, a state-of-the-art performance facility for active lifestyles of all kinds so you can get the relief you deserve.

To work with Jaydee, visit the home page, You can learn more on the Rehab Page or inquire directly to privately discuss treatment options for you!

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