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Why do I need a Resting Metabolic Rate Test?

What you’re missing by not knowing the results of your Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Ever tried to drive somewhere new without directions to the destination? Obviously it can be frustrating, confusing and lead to lost time and money (on gas). That’s EXACTLY what making a nutrition, fitness, and/or body composition change is like WITHOUT knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)! Often overlooked and not frequently accessible, a Resting Metabolic Rate test is vital to accomplishing nutrition, fitness and body composition goals. This test takes less than 15 minutes, is done seated while relaxed and helps YOU DISCOVER the following:

—> Exactly how many calories to eat to reach your goals: weight loss, fat loss, building muscle and improving overall body composition

—> If you have a fast or slow metabolism

—> Track changes over time to avoid hitting a plateau and becoming frustrated

How Does It Work?

An RMR test is very simple. It can be done in your work attire, athletic attire or whatever outfit you’re wearing that day. For best results, we recommend that you do not exercise prior, consume caffeine, and haven’t eaten in the previous 4 hours (if you have, it will be okay!). Book your test online, come in for your 15 minute appointment, and breath into the machine while seated and relaxed (see photo below). Immediately after, we will print the results and discuss. You will leave with the answers you’ve been looking for to more quickly & efficiently reach your goals. After, you can go about your day or proceed to your next test, whether that’s a DEXA Scan or VO2 Max Test

A quick look at how quick and easy it is to receive a Resting Metabolic Rate Test at Apex Performance Wellness and Rehab

How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?

This is one of the most popular questions asked in the world of nutrition, fitness and body composition. Most often, people resort to a guess and check method and then revisit the scale to assess the results. The problem with that, is the scale LIES (for more on that visit HERE) and everyone is unique. A program that works for your friend, may not work best for you! – (check out this study for more detail) – By getting an RMR test, you will find out the EXACT calories you need to be consuming to hit your goals. This minimizes the time and money spent on a guess and check method.

Is My Metabolism Fast or Slow?

The best way to find out is via RMR testing! After the 15 minute test is completed, you’ll know exactly where you stand on the spectrum of slow to fast metabolism. For those of you that think you know where you stand, you may be in for a surprise! Numerous people come through the door thinking they have fast or slow metabolism and soon discover that they actually have the opposite! Point being, you truly don’t know what your metabolism is until you get it measured!

Track Changes Over Time

Understanding where your metabolism is on the first test is good, but tracking over time is even better. This way, you can quantify, with data, how effective your nutrition and/or fitness plan is at bettering your metabolism. It’s also great to see these changes because you will realize that your hard work and time you’re putting in, is finally PAYING OFF. Then, you can further see that you’re able to consume more calories because you burn more at rest. Who doesn’t want to find out they can EAT MORE and NOT GAIN WEIGHT?!

What you can do about it

Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is excited to announce the addition of Resting Metabolic Rate testing! Their state-of-the-art facility is here to assist YOU in becoming a Champion of Your Body. This test pairs perfectly with a VO2 Max Test and a DEXA Scan to give you a full spectrum assessment on your body and help you track over time.

Discover the speed of your metabolism and precisely how many calories to eat to reach your goals. Visit apexpwr.com/buy to schedule your RMR Test. See you soon!