Weekend Workouts Now Available At Apex

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Who doesn’t love the weekend?! We know how busy and demanding the week can become. Battling traffic combined with long days at the office, makes it tough to find even 30 minutes to get a workout in that keeps your body healthy and available for an active lifestyle. While some utilize the weekend to rest and recharge, others use it to get in their only workout or two during the week. We’ve had numerous people come through the doors that ask about weekend availability at Apex. Some people want a different workout to offset their current routine at CrossFit, Orangetheory, or spin class. Others want a total body workout with weights and conditioning, so they can learn the basics and implement them throughout the week. Whatever your reasoning is, we now have weekend availability so you can Champion Your Body. 

Saturdays at Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab now feature three different sessions: Adult Ascent (Group Training), Athlete Ascent (Middle School – College) and Athlete Recovery. In this article, we will discuss our weekend adult class.

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A Dynamic Warm Up is beneficial for the body prior to movement

Warm Up Before You Start

The Adult Ascent Program is great for people of all kinds. We know many people neglect a proper warm up when working out, especially when attending Orangetheory or working out on your own. This workout is total body and one hour in length, from warm-up to cool down. We begin with a dynamic warm up, quick yoga flow and resistance band activation to prime the body for the workout ahead. Even if you only come once per week, these are the foundational elements of a good warm up routine. While we want to deliver the best workout in one hour, we also want you to leave having learned more about what you can do on your own. Championing Your Body can’t rely on someone or something else all the time in order to be sustainable. However, when you’re armed with the right knowledge, you can get a great workout in anywhere.

A 2 Minute Yoga Flow is a great way to start a workout, limber up the body and prepare it for what you intend to ask of it throughout the workout.

Total Body – Push, Pull & Single Leg

After warming up, the class moves into different circuits, mixing weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight movements. Having the benefit of analyzing body composition & treating people for physical therapy, we can combine this data into the most efficient workout for your time. There will always be exercises for upper and lower body, sprinkling in core strength throughout. Many people train their core when they’re fully recovered and rested. However, many injuries, especially back pain, can stem from a weak core and/or a poorly conditioned core. No matter if you’re new to fitness or advanced, we have core strengthening movements that can help you improve.

Strength training doesn’t have to mean loading up a bar with a ton of weight! We love to mix weights and resistance bands to get a great workout

We always feature at least one single leg exercise, because that’s where the majority of your life happens! For the upper body, there will always be an exercise that is “push oriented” (ex. Shoulder press, push up) and one that is “pull oriented” (ex. Pull up, lat pull down). This promotes proper and more equal development of the upper body, rather than over emphasizing one or the other.

Check out Charles going through the Adult Ascent Program

High Intensity – Plyometrics, Explosives & Agility

To finish the workout, we LOVE to utilize our turf area. The Apex Team features multiple former collegiate athletes and a professional athlete who have a wide range of exercises sure to challenge the heart rate. This segment is also where we see many people with a goal of fat loss, have success. While a common thought is that cardio for long periods (multiple mile runs, spin, etc) are best for fat loss, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Combining weights with high intensity intervals and explosive movements has easily had the best success when it comes to reaching body composition goals. In this segment, we feature box jumps, med ball slams (or throws), agility drills, battle ropes, cone drills, and more. While a lot of these sound like they should be only for athletes, they’re awesome to maintain balance, proprioception and agility so you’re ready for the activities you love like skiing, or for something simple, like slipping and losing your footing. 

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Balance + Agility + Power all in one workout! Come to the Weekend Adult Ascent Program to get your body ready for the activities you want to put it through!

You don’t know if you don’t track!

We’re big on tracking progress, which comes in many formats. We measure people on DEXA Scan for body composition, which is the gold standard for tracking your overall results of a nutritional and/or fitness approach. When it comes to working out, it’s proven that tracking the time of your sets, reps and overall workout helps yield better results. This is another way you can measure improvement! Although you may not increase in weight or resistance, recovering quicker or performing the same exercise with less rest is another form of improvement.

In our Adult Ascent Program, rest intervals are timed, so the pace can continue to move and help you train your muscular endurance. We know how easy it is to take a little more rest when you workout on your own! We also know how the pace can be overly competitive in most CrossFit or Orangetheory classes, which can be out of your ability level and lead to injury. With a timed format and quality instructor present, we ensure that you’re utilizing the right weight or resistance and performing the appropriate variation/modification of the exercise. 

I Want to Get Started!

Looking for a place to jumpstart your weekend, offset a tough week and try something you probably haven’t done before? Look no further than the Adult Ascent Program, now available on the weekends. Class is one hour from warm up to cool down and sure to burn calories, make you sweat, and leave you with new information so you can Champion Your Body. Sign up for your first session at ApexPWR.com/BUY. If you haven’t been before, be sure to use promo code FIRSTCLASSFREE! See you on Saturday!

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