Welcome the new, Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab! - Apex PWR

Welcome the new, Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab!

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Pacific Neuro Therapy has changed its name to Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab. This change reflects expansion, new offerings, and an evolved business.

Apex Performance, Wellness & Rehab announces their name change and new location.

Founder and CEO, Jeron Mastrud comments on the change: “We added a variety of new services and our old name no longer applied to all that we offered. We’ve always had plans to add these services and wanted to have a name which reflects our mission and goal.”

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Jeron Mastrud, Apex PWR CEO & former NFL Tight End for the Oakland Raiders

Why Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab?

Mastrud continues, “The Apex of a mountain is the very top. An Apex predator is the top of its food chain. We’ve always strived to be the best in all aspects of our lives and continue to strive to bring the best and highest level of service to our clientele. The name Apex represents the level of service that we aim to provide and it also symbolizes the ultimate goal that someone is working towards when they walk through our doors. Whether it’s to be the best athlete in the area, lose weight, or overcome a nagging injury, we want to help you reach your Apex in performance, wellness and rehab.”

In addition to the name change, Apex also moved into a new facility at the end of 2018. “The new location offers a state of the art turf and weight rack to test out the body when recovering from injury and improve performance. It is conveniently located off of 217 across from the Washington Square Mall,” says Mastrud.

The goal of Apex PWR is to be a one-stop location for all performance, wellness and rehab needs and help people Champion Their Body.

About Apex Performance, Wellness & Rehab

Apex is ready to help you Champion Your Body.

Providing a full spectrum of performance, wellness and rehab offerings, including DEXA Scans, VO2 Max and RMR testing. In addition to the tests for your body, Apex boasts a top notch physical therapy treatment experience. They work with a wide range of injuries, and chronic pain that are bound to happen to almost everyone.

Now accepting health insurance for physical therapy! Apex provides a team oriented atmosphere with an athlete mindset that’s results driven to deliver superior performance.

Visit the website, ApexPWR.com to learn more and begin your journey to becoming a Champion of Your Body!