What the heck is a DEXA Scan?!? A DEXA Scan is the Gold Standard in body composition. It reveals EXACTLY what your body is made up of between muscle, fat and bone. Also referred to as DXA, this test not only is the most accurate way to measure body fat percentage and track over time, it measures severe health risks, such as high visceral fat.  This test takes less than 10 minutes and helps YOU DISCOVER the following:

—> Exact amount of deadly visceral fat you have (the fat on the inside of your body, covering vital organs like plaque on teeth)

—> Imbalances from arm to arm and leg to leg

—> Exactly how much muscle, fat and bone you have without worrying about accuracy and precision

How Does it Work?

A DEXA Scan is quick and simple. For most accurate results, do not wear clothing with any metal (including bra straps). If you’d like to come fasted, feel free (if you’ve eaten prior, it will be okay! The DEXA isn’t affected as much as other body composition tests by food intake or hydration). Book your test online, come in for your 30 minute appointment, and get scanned. Results are printed and discussed immediately afterward. You will have them in hand with the answers you’ve been looking for to discover your starting point, set goals, and track over time. After this is completed, you can go about your day or proceed to your next test, whether that’s an RMR Test or VO2 Max Test.

Champion Your Body
Discover what your body is actually made up of, without error, when you get a DEXA Scan

DEADLY Visceral Fat

Obesity has become a top killer in America. Most people utilize overall weight (measured on a scale) or a BMI to see where they land on the scale of fit to obese. The problem with that is, nobody is assessing their visceral fat. This is because it can only be measured precisely via MRI, CT Scan or DEXA Scan. BMI is only a function of a person’s height and weight. A visceral fat measurement would tell someone far more. Commonly known as the “deadly fat”,  it covers internal organs like plaque on teeth. This leads to impaired bodily function and making you work harder to function daily. This article from Harvard Health discusses the topic in greater length and gives a more extensive explanation on everything visceral fat is doing to your body.

Get your visceral fat measured AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you can be aware and make changes before it’s TOO LATE. Harvard Health states that while BMI is commonly used, it doesn’t tell the entire story. The world’s most elite athletes can have “obese” BMIs, yet have very little body fat. A body composition test will more accurately display how your body is comprised. It will also show if you have excess fat and/or low muscle mass.

Assess Imbalance and Injury Risk

A DEXA Scan gives a reading on the body as a whole, but also breaks the body into regions, displaying right arm compared to left arm, right leg compared to left leg and android region compared to gynoid region. Why is this important?

For injury/surgery rehab, or just wanting to check in to make sure, it is important to know that muscle is developed equally from limb to limb. IF there is a large discrepancy, it can be an indication of a compensation pattern and/or that intervention is needed to address the issue. This could be in the form of physical therapy. It could also (or separately) be that some concentrated work is needed in the gym. Either way, if you don’t check, you don’t know! Once a discrepancy is discovered, the DEXA is a great tool to measure over time. The margin of error from scan to scan is non-existent, so you can track precisely if your plan is working for you!

Harvard Health states that measuring waist to hip (or android to gynoid) ratio has a direct correlation on stroke risk. It rises steadily as a man’s ratio rises above 0.95; for women, risk begins to rise above 0.85. To save time on measuring and wondering if your measurement is accurate, a DEXA Scan displays this ration on a report and tracks over time. Through proper nutrition and training, A/G ratios can be improved upon in as soon as eight weeks.

Injury Prevention, DEXA Scan, Muscle Imbalance
Prevent injuries before they happen by understanding imbalances you may have!

Understand Your Muscle Mass and How it Relates to Longevity

Heart health has become increasingly highlighted as obesity has risen to become a top killer. Ensure that you’re taking a step in the right direction towards a healthy life by having an appropriate amount of lean muscle mass. Through body composition analysis, not only can you discover muscle mass but also if you have excess fat. As you age, you need muscle mass to protect joints and ligaments against arthritis. Muscle is utilized as a shock absorber, so to continue an active lifestyle, build more muscle mass! Understanding if you have excess fat is also vital for improved bodily function. Using body composition assessments like the DEXA Scan, you can reveal if you need to make a dietary and/or fitness adjustment. Why continue to wonder when you can have the answers in hand?

What you can do about it

Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is a provider of body composition DEXA Scans at its state-of-the-art facility to better assist in becoming a Champion of Your Body. This test pairs perfectly with an RMR Test and a VO2 Max Test to give you a full spectrum assessment on your body and help you track over time.

Understand what’s really going on inside your body. Learn how much visceral fat you have before it’s too late Understand your muscle mass as you age. Visit See you soon!

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