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Wellness is an integral component towards becoming a Champion of Your Body. This includes developing the proper habits for long term and sustainable health, which first, starts with learning about your body. We believe in tracking your body, inside and out, so you can be in control of all aspects of your health and minimize health risks later in life. We’ve helped people lose over 100 pounds, improve metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness and much more. All these people start and track their progress the same way. Take a step towards becoming a Champion of Your Body, TODAY.


Whether you’re injured, out of shape, overweight, or simply don’t know how to start, the Champion Package will set you up for success. This package features all three of our wellness tests – DEXA Scan (for body composition), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test (for caloric burn & metabolism analysis) and the VO2 Max Test (for cardiovascular fitness analysis). All three of these tests together provide the complete package for you to start a new journey or check in on an existing one. More importantly, these tests all correlate (in different ways) to longer lifespan, decreased heart attack, stroke and other important health risks.

APEX Wellness Is Mobile!

Quantify Your Cardiovascular Fitness

APEX PWR provides onsite DEXA Scans, Resting Metabolic Rate & VO2 Max Tests for easy accessibility for your company, gym or event. Each test is under 20 minutes and provides valuable health information you can immediately act on to make a positive change. As Oregon’s only mobile service for these three tests, we’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of gyms, corporations and events. We provide custom email content, electronic signup and payment links, so when the day comes, it’s smooth and simple. Let us make health more convenient and allow your members, employees or participants to find out what’s really going on inside their body. Call now to inquire about process and availability


Our mission is to create a healthier community and we do that by helping people Champion Their Body. Since people spend the majority of their day awake, at work, it’s imperative to have a positive health influence in the workplace. Whether your company is small or large, sedentary or active, younger or older, we can co-create a custom offering to make an impact on the productivity, health and happiness of your workforce. Our offerings are also covered by Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and other wellness credits you may provide. All of our wellness tests listed above can be provided in the convenience of your workplace so employees can access the most accurate & reliable health tests with ease. In addition, we’ve provided lunch and learns, in depth seminars, executive training, video gait analysis, wellness screenings and more. Take a look at the companies we’ve had an impact on and let’s take a step together to make a positive health change.

People - just like you - choose APEX PWR as their partner in health, fitness & physical therapy...

Have questions on how the APEX Team can best assist you? Fill out the form below!

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