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New Utility Player & Personal Trainer – Meet Chris Atkinson

Chris has been a part of Team Apex for nearly three months, joining from Edge Family Fitness in Wilsonville. He brings his extensive and well rounded background in nutrition and fitness to the team. Originally from the United Kingdom, Chris contains an abundance of knowledge that he’s ecstatic to deliver to you. He’s worked, trained …

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Sugar – The Basics

We’re all familiar with the general public’s perception of fat – in that it is generally viewed as being *bad* [for you], and this is a notion that’s deeply engrained in Western societies; so much so that most people won’t even question it. However, let’s consider a different way of viewing carbs, because this is …

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Afraid Of Weights

Afraid of the dark, afraid of scary movies, afraid of weight training? It’s the spooky season so there’s no better time to talk about your fear of picking up some dumbbells. We know there’s a lot of reasons out there, but we wanted to address the three most common fears when it comes to weight …

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In the spirit of Halloween and #SpookySzn, there is a boogie man we need to expose, because it follows us everywhere we go… This boogie man may not always be felt, but can attack when we least expect it. The only thing that can defeat this monster is confronting it head on and calling it …

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Scared to start

Scared To Start

How many of us have planned something out in great detail but were too scared to start it? Or maybe scared is the wrong word… it may not have felt like you were scared, but fear was the thing holding you back all along. Let’s deconstruct ‘Scared to Start’ and learn how we can better …

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Athlete Recovery – Why Recovery Is More Important Than Training Itself

This blog is brought to by Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab CEO, Jeron Mastrud. Utilizing his background as an All-Big XII & NFL Tight End, he’s excited to offer the Apex Athlete Recovery session.  What Is Recovery? Recovery is a buzzword that athletes hear from all angles. Coaches, trainers, parents and everybody in between are …

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Drinking water is important

Water – The Basics

Water – from the beginning of time it has been considered the proverbial and somewhat literal “Fountain of Youth”. Our bodies, and more importantly, our muscles are 60% water, so it is imperative that we give our body sufficient water so as to perform all of its functions and operate both optimally and efficiently. Fact …

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