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Apex Ascent Program – for Athletes Returning from Sports Injuries!

Bridging the gap from sports injury rehab to return to sport Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab is excited to finally announce the launch of the Apex Ascent Program. This program is here for athletes to bridge the gap from sports injury, surgery rehab, or physical therapy back into working out, practice and playing games. Restoring …

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What the heck is a DEXA Scan?!? A DEXA Scan is the Gold Standard in body composition. It reveals EXACTLY what your body is made up of between muscle, fat and bone. Also referred to as DXA, this test not only is the most accurate way to measure body fat percentage and track over time, …

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Welcome to Apex!

Welcome to the Apex Performance Wellness & Rehab facility! We are here to help you Champion Your Body! Stay tuned for more details on a variety of our services, special features on our team members, and other data-driven insight to help you maximize your health, TODAY!

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